Thursday, February 14, 2013


it's so amazing to me that someone so small can have such unique characteristics already.

like sometimes, when he's really tired, he gives this big heavy sigh, and it's like he's letting me know that he's just SPENT.

if he wakes before I do (which is almost always), he rolls over to me and touches my face, all while "talking" to me. occasionally he'll get a handful of hair too, which I don't mind, because LOOKIT THAT FACE.

and he squeals like a maniac when I nibble on his ribs, and when we play peekaboo.

he pulls his ears when he's ready for sleep.

the cats are his favorite things in the world. he gets so giddy when he sees them and immediately starts his baby babble. I think he's letting them know that he's coming for them as soon as he's mobile.

TEXTURE. kid loves it. anything soft or scratchy or waxy or fuzzy... his hands are all over it.

he is so funny, and has so much personality already. I'm incredibly lucky to be his mama.


  1. Growing like a little weed he is. He is adorable. My daughter is still co-sleeping with my granddaughter and she will be 1 next month. No rush on the little guy having to be in his own bed. I love the comments about the kitties. I think meow was one of the first words or sounds that Irene made. She loves "her" cats lol. even loves seeing mine on facetime or skype. Cutest smile on that little boy of yours


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