Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hospital bag check list

I put this list together a few weeks ago, and finally got our bag packed this past weekend (minus everyday used items). 

I bought travel size toiletries so that I wouldn't have to worry about packing our shampoos and soaps at the last minute. 

under the advice of our birth class instructor, I put brightly colored and patterned pillow cases on our pillows we plan to bring with us so that the hospital staff won't accidentally mistake them for hospital pillows and steal them. 


-          insurance card/ID/wallet/birth plan (all in my purse already)
-          cell phone charger
-          toothbrush/toothpaste
-          contact case/glasses/contact solution
-          shampoo & conditioner
-          body wash
-          deodorant
-          makeup
-          lotion
-          chapstick
-          headband
-          camera bag with lenses and charger
-          pillow & blankie (this is the blanket I sleep with, made by my grandma)
-          yoga pants
-          nursing tank
-          hoodie
-          socks
-          granny panties/comfy undies
-          breast pump (just in case)

-          toothbrush
-          shampoo
-          body wash
-          deodorant
-          extra clothes (basketball shorts, tee shirt, boxer briefs)
-          pillow
-          laptop & charger

-          coming home outfit (I packed a single onesie, a separate shirt & pants outfit, and a one piece sleeper... just to have options)
-          car seat (in the car already, duh)
-          receiving blankets (to practice swaddling before we leave)

if there are any mamas out there that would recommend adding anything else to my bag, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I tossed around the idea of bringing the Boppy, but I decided it was probably not necessary. 


  1. My advice! Make sure you pack a NB size outfit and a 0-3 size outfit, as you have no idea which will fit.

    Re: boppy, I definitely wanted mine while we were at the hospital, so maybe throw it in the car in case you do want it.

    1. ah, good call. I will definitely stick an extra 0-3 month outfit in there. and the Boppy will be in the car. :)

  2. jolly ranchers! hard candy was great in the hospital!
    bring more than enough undies and pants - you may bleed through! :/
    I always brought boppy but never used it really so you could always put it in the car in case!
    also, laptop was good for us to watch tv on (HBO GO) because hospital tv sucks haha

  3. I brought my boppy and definitely used it. also definitely have items to keep your hair out of your face.

    I was SO glad I brought a light robe. the 1 or 2 times I was out of my room, I was glad to have something more to cover myself with than the hospital gown. I was SUPER hot in the couple days after delivery so that's why I stayed in my gown, it was the lightest and breeziest thing I had. plus I didnt mess up any of my own clothes if I had any bleeding.


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