Tuesday, May 22, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 26

how far along? 
26 weeks. 

how big is the baby? 
Ronin is the size of a head of lettuce - weighing about a pound & two thirds and measuring 14 inches in length. his eyes are forming and will start to open soon. he's preparing his lungs for life outside the womb by breathing in small amounts of amniotic fluid. 

total weight gain: 

crap crap crap. when I finally get comfortable, I have to get up to pee. and Sean is snoring. 

best moment of the week: 
hearing hims strong heartbeat at my appointment on Friday afternoon. we also acquired the rest of the nursery furniture (dresser, nightstand, bookcase, store ottoman) and finally getting the room cleaned out. I don't know why we waited so long to do it - it only took about an hour. 

food cravings: 
anything that doesn't cause heartburn.

food aversions: 
anything that causes heartburn, which seems like EVERYTHING.

pelvic pain, heartburn, back aches.

gender sex: 
still a BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
painting the room this week (hopefully) and our trip to visit Kaycie & Adam in NYC this weekend. 

what I miss right now: 
sleeping on my stomach.

next appointment: 
I made an appointment for a 3D ultrasound for the 31st - so stay tuned for cute face photos of my boy. :)

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  1. ugh, sleep. agree, its sooooo bad. also, i'm very jealous that you'll be in NYC this weekend. Aaaand i got a pool float where i can lie on my stomach in the water and its heaven. find a pool, get the float, enjoy.


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