Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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Sean made me the most delicious salad for lunch. I haven't been eating so healthy lately, so I was really happy to consume something other than junk. way to go, hubs!

I visited my vet's office yesterday to tell her about the baby (yes, we're that close... crazy cat lady, remember?) and she had babies of her own! she had a kitty come in to be spayed and discovered that she was pregnant. new mama now has 3 itty bitty kittens to care for - they were 2 days old when I met them yesterday. so wittle!

I bought my Hunger Games tickets yesterday... for the midnight premiere. I've never been to a midnight showing before, but I am SO thrilled about it! I really hope it lines up with the book... I'd hate to be disappointed in yet another book turned movie. 

there are only 35 days left until we are relaxing right here for 5 days. 

I'm really sad about not being enrolled in classes this semester. when I found out I was pregnant, I decided to drop the two architectural classes I was registered for. I was super stressed out last semester, and I didn't think it was a good idea to add that stress onto a pregnancy. I miss it though, and I really hope I'm able to get back into the swing of things next spring. 

I'm reading The Red Tent and I cannot get into it. I've heard nothing but great reviews about it, so someone please tell me it picks up. I'm only about 14% into it, so I know not to give up just yet, but I'm reaaaaally struggling with wanting to read it. 


  1. KITTIES! I love them, and want them.

    In other news, I have never read the Hunger Games. Horrible right? Everybody speaks so highly of them but I think that if I started now, I'd need to immediately read them all (and I have massive amounts of work before I can do that). Damn.

    Oh, and can you fit me into your suitcase for your vacation?

  2. I seriously could not get into The Red Tent either. I think I even own it, but I just have never been able to finish it!

    Yay for the Hunger Games movie!!!

  3. SUPER DUPER CUTE CATS :) Aww. Love the photo!

    Where's vacation?? Great shot!! I'm excited for you :)

    WOOHOO HG movie. I can't wait!

  4. Oh baby kittens! So cute!

    Where is this beach !? Can I go with please!!??


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