Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend recap (with cell phone pictures!)

Friday Night:
Sean & I met up with our awesome friends Kaycie & Adam and grabbed lunch at a local Irish place before heading into Baltimore. we had some drinks at Howl at the Moon and then cabbed over to Meyerhoff Symphony Hall to see this excellent fellow perform stand up comedy. 

and THEN I laughed so hard that I couldn't feel my face and I'm pretty sure I urinated a little in my pants. if you ever have the opportunity to see Louis CK's stand up, fucking DO IT. 

after the show was over, we headed back to Howl for some more drinks and good times all around. lots of dancing, singing, and people watching. and then Taco Bell for the drunk ride home. nom. 

clean clean clean clean clean clean. I cleaned my house from the minute I woke up until I had to leave for my cousin's sweet 16th birthday party in preparation for the Scentsy party I was hosting Sunday. I scrubbed baseboards, mopped floors, rearranged kitchen appliances, and hung up fun cork boards in the kitchen. 

cousin Sammy turned 16 years old. CRAZY! she's so beautiful and free spirited. love her to death. we had pizza and cake to celebrate. it's always wonderful to spend time with my mom's side of the family. 

when I returned home from the party (at about 9:30PM), I did a little more cleaning/straightening up and then convinced Sean to help me build our IKEA dining table that's been sitting in the kitchen (in the box) for MONTHS. 

I also decided that there was no way I could put together IKEA furniture without wine. this may or may not have had anything to do with the mistake we made while building, causing us to backtrack juuuuust a little bit to fix it. woops. the table only took us about 2 hours to put together, and that was mostly because we had to use a screwdriver because the drill battery was dead as a door nail. 

yes, I've already broken out the Christmas pajama pants. don't judge me. 
oh well. we got her done, and she is beautiful! there are two additional leaves to expand her to seat 8, but 4 is perfect for now. now I just need to figure out how to decorate a dining room table. 

got up super early since I STILL had more cleaning to do. I wanted the house to be absolutely spotless, so it got the deep clean that it so badly needed. finally got out to the grocery store and back to the house about 30 minutes before people started to arrive. 

the next couple hours went something like this: eat, drink wine, cuddle baby, gossip/girl talk, check the score of the Skins game, cuddle baby, drink more wine, show off Bear's amazing balancing skillz, drink more wine, eat, smell Scentsy, drink beer. 

it was a great time for sure. now that the house is completely cleaned, we will be having people over more often, fo sho. after everyone left, we cleaned up and parked our butts in front of the TV for the remainder of the evening. I vaguely remember falling asleep while watching Homeland last night. 

WHEW! so it was a great weekend for the Quinns and now it's back to reality... I've got a week full of work, school, a vet appointment for Miss Mama Cat, and a visit with a friend who recently decided to take in and foster her own mama cat and 4 wittle babies! eeeeks, can't wait to meet them! 

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend like I did. 
oh, and tell me what you're reading right now. 
I haven't picked up a book in WEEKS and I really need to get back on the wagon soon. it's killing me! 



  1. Louis CK is HILARIOUS. i esp like the story of his a-hole 4yr old hahahaha!

    i wish he would come where i am! would love to see him live.

  2. I'm tired just reading that post! lol Sounds like a great weekend, though!


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