Monday, October 17, 2011

6 things that make me happy today and a photo

1. we had an amazing time in Atlantic City on Saturday, and the memories that were made were very special... and hilarious. we started the morning off with mimosas (I'm talking 10AM) and didn't end until the bus ride home around 8PM. needless to say, it was a damn good day. 

2. I'm down another 2lbs. I haven't been doing anything crazy, but I've recently started to really watch my eating habits. I've also been making sure to park far away from my buildings at school so that I have to walk further and taking the stairs everywhere. either way, it feels good. 

3. we booked our flights for our friends' wedding in St. Thomas. SO EXCITED. once we get the rooms booked, we'll be all set. 

4. being domestic. yesterday I spent a majority of the day doing things around the house - I scooped the litter boxes, did ALL the dishes, completed a few loads of laundry, vacuumed all the floors, took the trash out, completed this map project, and made dinner that was ready as soon as Sean walked in the door. productivity = happiness. 

5. I finally have a hair appointment set for this weekend and I cannot wait. I'm contemplating doing this. I am not cutting my hair (only a trim), so I figure I can pull this off until my next appointment, when it's faded. thoughts?

6. I'm skipping art class tonight. I didn't do my homework (see #4), and I have tons of stuff I need to do around the house... like hanging said map project, making another canvas painting, and grocery shopping. I'm also going to make this for dinner tonight. Sean is in complete shock that I'm cooking dinner two nights in a row. to be honest, I am too. ha! 

and just so this post isn't completely photo-less, here's what we did all day Saturday. 

what are you happy about today?

Happy Monday! 


  1. You're so productive! I cleaned our house yesterday and although it totally sucked while I was doing the actual cleaning, waking up to a clean house this morning was wonderful!!!

    I love the where we met, married and live map idea! I've got to go find some cute frames and maps asap!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Sometimes being domestic makes me feel REALLY accomplished -- your list looks very similar to my own! :)
    And that recipe looks yummy! May just have to try it!


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