Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fall fashion [shopping goodies]

fact: I own three pairs of jeans that fit me at the moment. two of those three have holes in them. in the crotch/thigh area. needless to say, with fall approaching, it was time to invest in a few more pairs. 

with my fall fashion inspiration post from two weeks ago in mind, I headed over to Old Navy (I haven't shopped there in a while, save a few basic tops here and there, but I know they have reasonably priced denim, so I decided to give their jeans a try) in Annapolis and started the hunt. 

remember this outfit? ... 

I had a couple things in my mind labeled as necessity items as I browsed the store: 
one or two pairs of straight leg/skinny jeans, 
one pair of wide flare leg jeans, 
button up cardigans, 
and colorful printed scarves. 

on the "maybe" list were: 
lace camisoles (depending on the colors), 
flats (if they had some in mustard), 
some striped items (bonus if they are navy, deep plum, and/or mustard), 
and a brown leather handbag. 

it was a VERY successful trip, as I picked up everything I needed and much more! 

I was thankful to find jeans that fit me perfectly. I've realized that I can no longer fit into junior sizes, and that low-rise jeans are just not flattering to my body anymore. I'm okay with it, and was relieved to find some mid-rise pieces that fit my body perfectly. 

The Rock Star Jeggings in Grey

Flare Diva Jeans in Watercress

Skinny Mini-Flare Jeans in Cotton Wood

The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in Rinse
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I wasn't really shopping for tops, but I couldn't keep my hands off of these. not pictured: two lace camis in olive green and tan. 

Printed Zip-Front Cardigan in Navy Stripe

Breezy Blouse in Grey

Camp Shirt in Purple Plaid

Sequined Henley Tank in Green Stripe

Dolman-Sleeve Cardigan in Pasture Present
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

and a couple miscellaneous things that I picked up on a whim (and am SO glad I did)... 

Pleated Maxi Skirt in Heather Charcoal 

Faux-Suede Cap-Toe Flats in Mustard

Floral-Print Gauze Scarf in Cool

I'm excited for the weather to cool down a little more so I can wear my long sleeve shirts and cardigans. until then, I'm enjoying my new jeans and breaking them in! I haven't had a clothes shopping trip in a while, so I think this little haul, while a little more extravagant than I planned, was much needed and will motivate me to rid my closet of things that I haven't worn in a very long time. thankfully, ON had some pretty decent sales going on over the holiday weekend, so I'm pretty sure that most of these items were discounted. 

did you do any shopping over the long weekend and score any deals?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That's quite the haul! I rarely shop at Old Navy; I always go for something I spot on their website and they never have it in store :( But now I'm inspired...I know where I'll be stopping on my way home from work today!

  2. Get OUT!! I totally pinned that very same outfit the other day--we love the same things!!

    Great picks from ON..I love to shop there too..always find things I like. The scarf--the last one you posted there is fabulous!!

    Enjoy your new clothes!


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