Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dining room art [Etsy goods!]

now that we've acquired the big ticket items for our dining room (the chandelier, the table, the buffet, 4/6 of the chairs), it's time to decide what I'll put on the wall to really bring in a pop of color. we only have one big open wall to work with, as the rest of them host a wide doorway and windows all around. 

I've been on the hunt for a giant statement piece that will take up a majority of that wall... meaning it needs to be 24" x 36" minimum. as usual, I've been perusing Etsy to see if there are any reasonably priced options for us.

I love this print from IKEA, and was originally going to buy it, but I really want to invest in a unique and one of a kind piece, so I know going handmade is the only way to accomplish that. 
I'm not picky in the type of art at all, as long as it's got some great green hues to tie into the rest of the room (the galley kitchen) and that it matches our style, which I like to think of as being more modern than traditional. I like quirky pieces and paintings with a lot of texture. 

ANYHOODLE. here's what I've had my eye on. 

Lush Forest

A Walk Through Central Park

Through The Seasons

Summer Breeze
those are the ones I'm really loving at the moment. I might end up attempting to paint my own. I've been wanting to build up my supply stash anyway, so creating a personal piece for our home would be the prefect excuse to get some paint and canvases. 

which one is your favorite? 


  1. i love all types of abstract art! the pear one is my fave:) xo

  2. I'm shocked you want something mustardy. ;) My favorite is "A Walk Through Central Park" because of its abstractness, ability to pop, and texture.

  3. this one's easy. the map or through the seasons. hooray for green!

  4. I actually like the green map one... simple, clean and bold.

  5. I like the pear one! Plus it ties into your wedding theme so it's sentimental :)

  6. I'm torn between the pears and the map! one thing makes me lean towards the map, and that's price! I'm going to attempt to DIY something I think.


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