Friday, March 18, 2011

fill in the blank Friday!

play along with Lauren

1.   The best deal I've ever gotten is       I honestly don't know. I mean I always try to find coupons and online codes when I'm shopping, but I can't recall a time when I got something for so cheap that I felt the need to remember it. 

2.  If I were hosting a dinner party and could invite people from my fantasy guest list it would include    Louis CK, Richard Blais, Rachel Reider, Pink, Alexander Skarsgard, Kate Hudson, Chelsea Handler, Adam Duritz, and Dean Koontz. you could say I've thought about this before... and you'd be right. 

3.  Something that inspires me is    pretty much everything - nature, design, novels, etc. 

4.  If I could only choose to eat one flavor of food for the rest of eternity (sweet, salty, spicy, bitter....) I would have to go with     salty, for sure. I don't have a serious sweet tooth like most people, but I have a salty tooth.

5.  I dream about     crazy ass shit. 

6.  My weekend will be spent       celebrating my 25th birthday with my favorite people! I'm having dinner with some close friends and then meeting everyone else out at a bar later in the evening. it should be a really fun night, and I am SO excited. oh, and Sunday will most likely consist of my ass on the couch all day and suffering from a terrible hangover.

7.  If I could only  watch one movie or TV show for the rest of my life, it would be      no way dude. I can't make that decision. I am a TV junkie... there is no possible way I could only watch one for the rest of my life. 


  1. I would go with salty also! You are brave to cook for Richard Blais!! and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. i found you on her blog...this idea of fill in the blank friday is soooo fantastic! I love the things that you say inspire right with you sista!


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