Tuesday, February 22, 2011

your Bear fix.

the gym, working late every night, keeping my house clean, school work, and The Hunger Games have completely ruled my life for the past week! so until I have the time for a substantial post, you'll have to look at this cute kid. I know, how horrible of me. 

it was nap time. speaking of nap, excuse the nappy hair. it was day 3.

I've mentioned before that he thinks he's a human... this is just a smidgen of proof. there's ice water in that cup.

"RAWR! I am manly and ferocious. I am a BEAR!"

Happy Tuesday!


  1. naps with kitties are the best ever!!

    my kitty drinks out of cups too, she was sick once, and I put cups everywhere just to get her to drink (successfully).

  2. lol I love the sleeping positions! My Nicky does the same thing and I always tell him he better hope that the neighbourhood cats don't see him, lest they think he's a wussy!

    One of my kitties, Butter, drinks *only* out of cups. I have never seen her drink from the water dish. Weird.


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