Wednesday, February 2, 2011

black & white on cloud nine

sharing this photo for Black & White Wednesday over at The Long Road to China. it's my most recent favorite accessory. it's a giant teal ring from Buckle that I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law. it only fits on my pinky, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it all over the place.

the long road


I'm also linking up at pastor girl's ponderings today. this photo puts me on cloud nine... not only does it include some of my favorite things (pistachios, wine, Apples to Apples, beer), but it's a reminder of a great night with amazing friends. 


if you're visiting from Carlotta or Lisa's blogs, make yourself at home!
I'm happy to have you here at The Bear Naked Truth!


  1. you're so funny! self proclaimed cat lover!

  2. I love pictures like that! :)) Loving all of your creative photo sharing lately! :)

  3. Great ring and really great photo of it! I love wine and pistachios!!

  4. Mandee, that is a GREAT ring. I LOVE it : ) What a fantastic piece of art to wear on your finger : )

    Pinky rings are very cool!

  5. Love that ring. Though I would not be able to pull it off-- So cool!


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