Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy Friday, my loves! 

hopefully I'll have some good posts after this weekend. 
I finally received all my packages from Target, 
which contained nothing but holiday decor. 

every reindeer and mini christmas tree are in place,  
pillows are on the couch,  
stocking holders are waiting for their soft friends, 
and the gifts are wrapped. 
all I need to do now is put our fucking tree up. 

see, we have contractors at our house right now, 
makin' a big old mess 
in the area where we normally set up our tree. 
so I've decided there's no 
sense in putting it up until they're finished... 
but it is KILLING ME to not have our tree up right now. 
I usually have it up the day after Thanksgiving. 

I'm really excited to have our house completely
finished of renovations. 
our kitchen cabinets are now painted white, 
and after next week, the walls will be grey
and we'll have new baseboard covers. 

our balcony will also be 100% waterproof so that
we don't have any more of THESE incidents (see Thursday).
andplusalso, brand new ceiling say whaaaat! 

sneak peek of the cabs:
in LOVE. 

and you know Bear was just the friendliest 
little kitty when the men were working the kitchen. 
he must have tried to help, because I came 
home to a slightly brushed Bear cub. 

see his tail? normally not white.

I'll have lots of cute decor to post after 
I get a chance to photograph it 
(I have to dust first, haha) 
this weekend. 

I'm also having a MUCH needed 
girls night out this weekend, 
so I'm sure I'll have some funny 
slash embarrassing 
stories to share with you all.

what are YOU doing this weekend? 
any decorating or girls night outing?

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