Tuesday, December 14, 2010

paint paws

the contractor's finished painting all the cabinet bases, doors, and drawers yesterday. they also painted the walls that lovely Valspar Gravity that I obsess over. 

the Bear is super friendly with strangers, and he will walk right under your feet if you're not careful. needless to say, these worker bees got a little shock when they realized he was not your typical scaredy cat. they love him though... they hold him and call him kitty kitty and meow to him. 

I came home last night from the gym to discover little white paw prints on my end table and coffee table. I searched until I found the culprit... the Bear Cub. his little back paws were caked with paint, and not only did he have it on his side from where he blatantly rubbed up against it, but it was on his stomach and his underarms too. 

I text my fellow crazy cat lady friend, Nicole, and asked her what the best way was to get paint off of cats. she said dish soap is the most affective, and most gentle for his skin. I decided I should hold off for a few days until the contractors are completely finished with paint... until he started BITING the paint off his paws. freaking idiot cat, I swear. 

the scene in my house at 10:30PM last night was quite the interesting one. I had the water running in the bathtub with a red solo cup of cold water sitting in it. Bear was climbing over the edge of the tub to get to the water, and I was readying myself with soapy hands to grab his little ass when I had the chance. it started off pretty well, but he ended up growling at me after his water cup was empty. it was pretty much impossible to scrub him and get the paint out, but it did get SOME of it out of his fur. I made sure to wrap him in a towel and dry him off well before I sent him back out into the living room with the other kitties. 

I'm really hoping he stays his out of the paint today.

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