Friday, November 19, 2010

makin' a list, checkin' it twice

as a teenager/young adult, I was never into Christmas much. I think it's because my mom was SUPER into Christmas, and she played Christmas tunes from Thanksgiving until New Year's. she always went all out with decorations and gifts. when she died, I didn't really feel excited about Christmas anymore... until recently.

since I met Sean, we've put up a Christmas tree and ornaments and hung stockings... but that was pretty much it. last year, I got a little more excited and added some candle holders to my "Christmas" collection, but this year... I'm fucking BAT SHIT CRAZY about decorating for the holidays. I've been keeping an eye on all my favorite home decor sites for holiday decor, and I'll be making my move on Black Friday (from the comfort of my couch, thank you very much).

so, here we have a few things that are on my dream wish list in the line of home decor. I'm going to try to start collecting pieces like these little by little so that eventually, I have all I need. I should also mention that I'm really not into kitschy Christmas decor, with Santa, elves, Jesus and all that. I like clean, classic holiday symbols such as snowflakes, reindeer, pine trees, stars, etc.


what's the extent of your holiday decorating? do you just put up a tree and call it a day, or do you go all out with window clings and electronic moving Mr. & Mrs. Claus?


  1. I wish I could buy ALL of that!!

  2. Generally, I go all out. I never got to participate in the holiday decorating as a kid (my mom was only slightly anal retentive about things like that lol). We change our colours, etc each year so I have a disgusting amount of Christmas stuff. Trust me, you will *never* have enough! lol

  3. Those Reindeer stocking holders are my favorite - I've seen them before. And I love this post :) It's just your momma making herself a little fat in the woman you're becoming :) :) that was worded weird :P but I just mean that maybe it's part of her coming out in you!?

    Alright I"m giving up. :P

  4. We definitely put up a standard tree, and always get sucked in to a little Charlie Brown Xmas tree too for our homemade ornaments. So I think we fall somewhere in the middle :) But I'm loving those snowflake candle holders!
    xo anna

  5. Beautiful things! I LOVE everything you have picked out. I have a major problem when it comes to Christmas Decorations, I want them all!


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