Wednesday, October 27, 2010

H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells...


I love Halloween. it definitely makes the top 5 list of my favorite holidays. I always, always, ALWAYS dress up, and since Sean and I have been together, we've done some sort of funny couple costumes. let's look back, shall we?

the first year we were together (2007), we dressed up in this:

I was a brick house, and Sean was a brick layer. get it? 

our second year together, we were this classic couple:

Pebbles & Bam Bam! I loved this costume. it was super comfy! 

unfortunately, Sean didn't agree, so within a couple hours, he went from this...

to this (see him in the background?)...

last year, we decided to go the funny route again, and dressed up with laughs in mind:

we were a Shotgun Wedding, complete with pregnant belly, pigtails, & wedding dress for me and blacked out teeth & top hat for him. it was a huge hit at the party we went to! I made sure to drink plenty of beer and smoke lots of cigarettes, since I heard it was good for babies growth. 


instead of dressing up as a couple this year, we took a different approach. Sean already had a costume in mind, and he wasn't backing down. he's being Jesus, which is pretty fitting, if you know us. 

I thought about being Mary, but the costume was pretty boring, and I didn't want to invest in a baby doll that I'd have to carry around all night. so instead, I decided on a different historical costume. I wanted something that wasn't super slutty (that's totally not my thang), and still comfortable with fun accessories. so I decided to dress up as Cleopatra:

I'm pretty excited about Halloween this year, since we'll be spending it with a lot of our close friends. we booked a hotel room down the street from the party, and will be getting a taxi back to the hotel at the end of the night/beginning of the morning. it should be an awesome time, and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to blog about next week!


are you dressing up for Halloween this year? what/who are you being? do you support adult celebration of Halloween, or do you think it's just for kids?


  1. hey I am dressing up as Cleopatra too!

  2. We usually just stay in and hand out candy, so we don't dress up for Halloween. I love your brick house and shotgun wedding costumes - too funny. I can't wait to see your photos from this year!

  3. Great costumes!

    I can't help but be distracted by the guys in the background of your Flintstone costumes.

  4. I'm enjoying a day of fabulous nothingness. :-/ hehe Nick and I happen to both have off but since we're out here with only our best friend Billy that we know, I think we're going to stay in and watch scary movies all day.

    We're champions at movie watching. The three of us are pretty much professionals :) so I think it'll actually be fun.


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