Thursday, September 16, 2010

everyone needs a pair of red shoes

I mentioned earlier this week that while Sean was away gambling in Atlantic City, I took advantage of a major sale going on at Charlotte Russe. I got a lot of goods, and almost everything was on sale. I used promotion code SEPTSHIP for free shipping (for orders over $35).

my package arrived yesterday, and I'm already sporting some of my new clothes! I'll tell you what I'm wearing at the end of this post. alright, enough rambling... onto the pretties!

originally $6.50 - paid $1.49 (x 3 - black, brown & dark olive)

originally $6.50 - paid $1.49 (in heather grey, but it's not available online anymore)

originally $7.50 - paid $3.75

paid $4.00 

originally $16.50 - paid $8.25

originally $22.50 - paid $11.25

originally $24.50 - paid $12.25

paid $18.00

originally $19.50 - paid $9.75

originally $22.50 - paid $10.00

originally $24.00 - paid $12.00

paid $30.00

paid $10.50

paid $9.50

so what do you think? my grand total, including all discounts and promotions was $153.93. I think I made out pretty well, only paid full price for a handful of things, and got some sweet pieces too. right now, I'm wearing the Floral Pearl Studded Top, the Open Front Ruffle Sweater, and the Vintage Locket Necklace. loving this outfit, especially with my Ruffle Suede Sandals from F21! I also tried my new robe on last night after my post-workout shower, and it was super comfy. I really can't wait to pair those boots with some skinnys & a tee or leggings & a tunic/dress. this little shopping spree has me excited for fall! 

Happy Thursday, folks!

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  1. Love that tote bag and the red shoes!! All of it is great, but accessories are all I can get excited about right now because I am stuck in maternity clothes.


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