Tuesday, July 13, 2010

C&B Catalog

I got the new Crate & Barrel catalog in the mail yesterday. SA-WOON. per the husband, I'm not allowed to buy anything for the house until our current projects are complete, which include the kitchen, the entryway, and maybe even the upstairs office. but you know me, and I can't help but want everything that exists in C&B world. if I could pick one home decor store to live at, Crate & Barrel would be it. 

I love everything in the new catalog, but these are some of my favorites. you'll notice that there are a lot of kitchen accessories... I guess with dreaming of the new kitchen, I'm dreaming of new fun toys as well. 

We already have a kitchen island that's in pretty good shape, and it's got a fantastic stainless steel counter... but this one is just dreamy. I love the sleek handles and the extended wooden top. it would surely serve it's purpose for extra workspace and seating in our home. 

Of course, these pretties would accompany our new island... in my fantasy world. 

I don't do the cooking in the FoFandee household, but I know the Mister would love these mixing bowls... and for the price... can't beat it! 

If you've been here long enough, you know my love of all things green and of my plans for a white, black & green kitchen, so this choice should not be surprising. and the sale price of $2.95 is pretty swell too. 

obviously, I love the color, but the texture of the grasscloth brings something completely different to the table. hardy har har. 

I'm not even a big coffee drinker, but I couldn't resist swooning over that bright green and modern print on these mugs. love! 

note: we do not have a dishwasher. well, I guess we do... and she goes by the name of Mandee. the dish rack we have now was about $5 at Walmart and it's seen better days, for sure. I love the organization of the dishes that this rack provides, including separate holders for utensils and steak knives. it's a wash-by-hand-er's dream!

If there's one thing I hate (okay... maybe two), it's counter clutter and messy cabinets! I love these storage containers and think they would be perfect to hold all our dry goods. we usually have an abundance of pasta, cereal, and rice in our cabinets, so these would work nicely for a more organized look. I'd even splurge for the 10 piece set. 

ohhhh mama mia. what I wouldn't give to have this dining set... and the space to display it! somewhere in the very far future, we place on demolishing our existing half-assed deck and installing a concrete patio. and hopefully, this beaut will join us for our future outdoor gatherings. 

my dad grows corn every year, and although we don't eat as much of it as I'd like, I WANT THIS. no more corn sliding off the edges of the grill, and no more burnt sides. this is the most fantastic invention I've ever seen. quote me on that. 

we're trying to revamp our master bedroom into something a little more fun. right now, everything is a beige/cream color, with the exception of the dark wood furniture in the room. I know what you're thinking... "Mandee, you're a fucking idiot... this bedspread is taupe." I know. but it's pretty! I'm working on sprucing it up and adding a few accents of teal and navy to the color palette... it's just a matter of finding those perfect touches. 

oh, how I love the color of these vases. I've seen them in person, and they are the perfect touch of teal for our bedroom. they're not too bright and alarming, and they're not too subtle either. 

how amazing is this lamp? I love the slate blue color, and the texture is to die for. they'd look perfect flanked on our night stands on either side of our bed. 

so there you have it - my little sample wish list of must-have Crate & Barrel items, which really only work for my kitchen and bedroom so far. I'm sure I can find more to fill the rest of the house... that wouldn't be a problem at all! now, wish me luck in convincing Sean that we need at least ONE thing off this list! 

Happy Tuesday!

PS - I'm not sure if anyone else watches, but tonight on Discovery Channel, they're airing Captain Phil Harris' last episode on The Deadliest Catch. <3


  1. how much is that dish rack? i really like it, and is it on the crate and barrel website?

  2. it's kinda pricey at $60... it'll take you to the page if you click on the link above the picture! I love it. I want it so bad.

  3. holy shit..sixty bones for a dish thing. but it IS fancy and way classier looking than the thing we got from target. scott will think i'm nuts if i bought it.


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