Monday, July 12, 2010

all systems go!

after spending most of last week cuddled in bed, I'm feeling much better. I didn't even bother going to work last Thursday, and it's a good thing, because I felt so horrible when I went to work on Friday. I knew I was pushing myself, so I left a little early to get back in bed. I think all I needed was some major rest and relaxation to kick that damn infection. thank goodness I have a fucking awesome husband, who pretty much waited on me for an entire week.

I tried to take it easy on Saturday, but we did venture out to pick up my new glasses that I ordered a week or so prior. I wanted a little change from the glasses I already had, and I knew I wanted a thicker black frame... a little nerdy, if you will. I love the ones I chose, and I feel better about wearing glasses versus contacts now that I'm happy with them. 

in case you're wondering, we're still at a stand still with the kitchen renovations. we've been so busy every weekend that we haven't even had a couple hours to dedicate to getting it completed. we've set a goal to get it finished before we leave for our beach trip in August. we're going to have some family and friends stopping in to feed the cats, so we want to make sure the place is spic and span before we leave. 

I've been playing with my new camera off and on since it arrived, but I haven't sat down to upload the pictures (obviously), so hopefully some time this week, I'll be able to post them and get some feedback. I love the lens that came with the camera, but I'm definitely itching to have better zoom options with my Christmas wish list lens. I know it's not so surprising, but there are mostly pictures of the cats on my memory card, so I hope you're ready to see tons of crazy cat ladyness soon! =)

being that I was close to dying super sick last week, I haven't seen my trainer since two Thursdays ago (the 2nd). I have an appointment with her tonight, and I'm NOT looking forward to it. she's going to kick my ass, I just know it. I'm going to be super sore tomorrow and Wednesday. yikes.
eh, this post is kind of a hodgepodge of mixed crap, but I'll have some cohesive ones for you soon! I've been so out of the loop that I have 151 blogs to catch up on reading. wish me luck! 

EDITED: and also, I have completed the ENTIRE Sookie Stackhouse series already. I read all 10 books in a little over a month, and while I'm glad I read them all, I'm sad that I have nothing left of it to read. I guess I'll have to crack open the other 9348 books I have laying around. :)


  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better and I LOVE your new glasses. They are absolutely adorable!

  2. glad you are feeling better! cute new glasses! I also have a new zoom lens on my Christmas wishlist, among a few others!

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