Wednesday, May 26, 2010

window shopping - Francesca's Collections

I have a new favorite clothing store. I've been browsing Francesca's Collections all fucking day. I honestly would purchase almost every single item online, but since that's not realistic, I thought I'd make a little wish list... ya know... in case my husband ever decides to read this blog and wants to miraculously buy me shit.

WARNING: this blog post is going to contain an obscene amount of pictures and links. deal with it. :)

Strip Mall Shopper Top - $28.00

Paint The Town Pearl Top - $34.00

Everlasting Bird Top - $34.00

Passionate Print Racerback Top - $24.00

Banded Rose Tunic - $28.00

Inspire Me Top - $28.00

Blowing Kisses Top - $28.00

Bright Lights Dress - $38.00

Plymouth Dress - $38.00

Captain My Captain Dress - $38.00 (my favorite!)

My Sun Shine Dress - $38.00

Girls Night Out Dress - $38.00

Cocoa Puff Tote - unavailable at the moment. damn.

Extravagant Petals Tote - $54.00

Hedwig Necklace - $24.00

Rebel Without A Cause Bracelet - $24.00

Flower Market Ring - $18.00

so there you have it. my new fave shop spot, and just a few of my top picks. what I'm trying to say is... if you'd like to buy me a gift (hint hint HUSBAND), something from this wish list would do quite nicely.

Happy Thursday!


  1. yeah..i'm obsessed with that store now, too. best thing to happen to me since urban.


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