Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh hai.

are you still here? are those crickets I hear chirping? no? yep, that's just silence in here.

I'm so extremely sorry for being such a sucky blogger lately, but unfortunately, life happens, haha. I've been really busy with work, and home, and friends, and family.

I'm also in kind of a rut when it comes to writing. I've never found myself so short of words until recently. I know most blogs are focused and center on a certain subject, and I just can't bring myself to be that blogger. I have so many different topics to talk about and so many opinions (SHOCKER, I know). I can't promise any of the upcoming posts will be cohesive or even make any sense, but I'm back damnit.

I've been so out of blogging loop that I had over 100 new items in my Reader this morning. so THANK YOU bloggers for keeping me entertained, when I can't seem to provide the same as of late.

so, let's see. what the hell has been going on in the MandeeFoFandee world lately?

1. I finally cleaned out my closet. ya know, that task from my spring cleaning list? yep, just got done, and I didn't even take before & after pictures to prove it. I suck. but I did donate all the unwanted clothes (mostly much too tight tee shirts) to a family friend, so they went to a good home.

2. I got my Maryland sleeve shaded two weeks ago, and it looks awesome. it's super itchy and annoying right now, but once it's healed through this stage, I'll be sure to take a picture or 20. it hurt like a sonuvabitch, and I'm not so much looking forward to the color session, but I know I'll be happy when it's all complete. here's a shitty camera phone picture.

Edgar is looking much more like himself since being shaded. :)

3. I'm still receiving Lane Bryant catalogs, and it still pisses me off. I'm pretty sure they just know I'm steadily gaining weight. they must have some sort of private investigator that stalks out the big girls and signs them up for the catalogs.

4. instead of being content at my size 14 ass, I decided that it's time I get in shape. I signed up for the gym that recently opened down the street, and have been on a steady schedule of working out. I haven't quite found my niche yet, but I'm keeping up with it. I'm going to start the Couch25K program next week. I was supposed to start it Monday, but I stubbed my pinky toe on a door frame and bruise my entire toe nail... so I'm pretty sure running would be a big giant fail until it's healed.

5. I can no longer classify myself as a Dr. Pepper addict. due to my current state of "OMG I'm fucking huge and I need to lose 50lbs ASAP," I've cut back to one soda a day, and sometimes I don't even have one. I've done this before, and switched to just one single Diet Dr. Pepper a day, and I lost weight pretty quickly by doing so. let's home round 2 works just the same.

6. I've been completing my living room one little piece at a time. I apologize for the crappy photo quality, but they were taken on my cell phone. my living room feels nice and "springy" now, and much less bare minimum. thanks to a trip to Target, Crate & Barrel, and Pier1, these little beauts make me smile.

lamp and hydrangea from Pier 1
vase from C&B
candle from Target

fake grass pot from Pier1

"lovebirds" from C&B

lantern & candle holder from Pier1

7. My little Bear Nugget turned 2 years old on the 15th. I can't believe he's already two. it seems like yesterday when he didn't even weigh a pound and was being bottle fed in the middle of the night. he's developed quite well given his "condition," and I'm proud to be his mama bear. given that he's now a big strong man cat, he's also decided to take over our couch.

8. OH OH OH. I can't believe I almost forgot about this. my friend, Laura, whom I stalkingly met on The Nest, sent me the BEST birthday present EVER. like myself, Laura is pierced and tattooed and has a furry family (except hers includes dogs). Laura & her husband, Paul, got married the same month as the Mister and I (a week later, to be exact), and we've talked and bullshitted, and gotten to know each other through The Nest and Facebook and email. ANYWAY, her husband is such a talented artist. he drew this for me for my birthday!

how badass is that?!

9. We still haven't started on the kitchen. surprise surprise, right? the contractor should be coming by next week to give us a quote for our floors. we've got a little money stashed away now, so we should be able to complete the floors without feeling too stressed out about funds.

10. I'm really, really behind on Wedding Wednesdays. crap.

11. the season finale of Project Runway is tonight. sadly, Amy went home a long time ago, but my man Seth Aaron is still in the game, so I'm REALLY hoping he pulls out the win. I love his collection and his style and I really think he'd create such a beautiful clothing line. Emilio and Mila can suck it.

12. and last, but certainly not least, my Washington Capitals are going into game 5 of the first series of the playoffs, with 3 wins under their belt. all they need is to pull out another win against Montreal on Friday, and we're golden for the next series. let's just say it's been a good, albeit loud, week here in the FoFandee household.

okay, that's all I got for right now, but I knooooow I'll be thinking of other shit I need to update on. thanks for sticking with me if you're still reading here, and I'm sorry for the prolonged hiatus I took from blogging.


  1. YAY!!! You're back! Missed ya lady!

  2. Yayy you're back in the blogging world! Although, I've been slacking around here, too... :P

  3. Although I post pretty frequently, blogger-block is the worst...

    Congrats on starting at the gym and even more so on cutting back the soda. Its amazing how many empty calories can be DRANK... not to mention all the sugar/high fructose corn syrup. I used to drink a shtton of soda in high school, I quit in college and now I have a hard time finishing a whole can bc it's just too much sugar. Crazy how your body can re-regulate itself. Anyway, good luck with the workouts!

  4. @ Erinn - yeah, I feel SO much better now that I'm not consuming 2-3 sodas a day! I'm down to only one a day, and I drink it in the afternoon... sometimes I don't even finish it because it just tastes different now!


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