Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring a ling a ling time

so, spring hath sprung, and with the arrival of warmer weather comes the desire to work on our home (well... my desire... I'm not sure how enthused the Mister is about all this). the kitchen, as mentioned many times, is going to be a huge project for us, since it's the only room in our house that hasn't been touched by professionals. the kitchen is just not a very good looking space, and that's mostly due to the old style... or lack thereof... and trust me, there are plans a workin' in my head to make big changes on a tight budget.

along with the kitchen remodel comes the cravings to declutter and put things in their proper places - purging my closet of clothes I don't wear, getting all the CRAP out of the garage and putting it away in the house, taking multiple trips to the dump to dispose of/recycle boxes after boxes after boxes. I want to replace the ceiling fans in our entry way, and finally install a light in our hallway next to the bedroom. let's just say it's going to be a long (and productive) spring.

so. I figured... what better way to keep organized and motivated than to make myself a little list right here for everyone to see... and for me to see... so that maybe some of this shit actually gets accomplished. I'd like to give myself a deadline, but there's just no telling when the kitchen will be done, as I'm sure problems will arise. so I'm basically just gunna wing it and hope it all works out.

- get our contractor to look at the floors and determine an estimate to level them
- if the price isn't too high, hire contractor to level floors
- if the price IS out of budget, we will attempt to get some friends together and do it ourselves (I'm totally hoping my contractor gives me a break)
- purchase and install new flooring for the kitchen - I'm thinking a medium to dark grey vinyl
- paint kitchen and dining rooms walls Sparrow by Behr (also used in our entry)
- paint kitchen cabinets white
- replace all hardware (knobs, hinges, and pulls) on kitchen cabinets
- paint base of stainless steel island white
- check out Ikea counter tops (dark grey or black) - if it's in the budget, replace counter tops and sink
- new lighting in kitchen - under cabinet lighting and pendant lighting
- new pendant light for dining area
- purchase and/or DIY art work for kitchen/dining
- refinish and paint dining table and chairs (black)
- possibly try my hand at upholstering dining chairs... or buy new ones, depending on budget

aaaand... I think that's about it for the renovation plan for the kitchen... for now.

- sort through items in garage and find them a proper home (whether it be in our house or at Goodwill)
- get rid of all 985 bags of insulation in garage
- get rid of all 34 boxes ALL OVER THE HOUSE (including garage)
- invest in some sort of shelving or cabinetry to house all painting supplies and other tools
- install shelves near washer & dryer for laundry supplies

- get rid of clothes that no longer fit, and let go of the dream that it will someday fit again, cause it ain't happenin'
- purchase/install some sort of closet organization system - I basically just need drawers for my pants and old tee shirts
- clean/wipe down/replace fans and light fixtures in hallway and entryway
- wash all windows
- sweep and steam mop all floors
- steam clean carpet upstairs
- purge junk that has accumulated in the guest bedroom
- touch up painting mishaps... from November
- purchase blinds/shades for kitchen and dining windows
- install shelves in living room and bedroom
- hang any artwork/picture frames that we already own
- paint bathroom vanity black and buy new hardware

like I said, it's gunna be a BUSY spring season here in the FoFandee household! I'm almost positive I'll be updating this on a daily basis as I think of more shit to add to my never ending laundry list. and don't worry... I'm not going to push myself too hard or anything... I'm sure most of this stuff won't be done until this time next year. HAHA!


  1. Your list makes me want to make a list of my own! I love Spring cleaning and organizing! Can't wait to see your remodeling progress as it goes along!

  2. That's quite a list sister! I always get the same urge to purge and clean once the weather starts warming up. Good luck with all the upcoming projects.


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