Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - V. III

Lookie here, I'm actually posting WW on time this week! Score! Since my birthday was this week, I'm going to celebrate by posting pictures of our cake!

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We had a family friend make our cake for us, and not only was it beautiful to look at, it was delicious! She really made my vision for the cake come alive, and I was SO happy with how it looked - it was exactly as I pictured it would be! We alternated flavors within the layers - the bottom layer was lemon cake with vanilla butter cream, the second layer was "orange dreamsicle" (orange cake with vanilla butter cream), the third layer was another layer of the lemon and the top was red velvet. I wanted to keep the flavors light and airy due to the heat of our August wedding, and I was so pleased with how it worked out. We saved the top tier (the red velvet) for our first anniversary, and it is currently taking up space in the husband's parent's freezer.

We had decided long before the wedding that we would ABSOLUTELY be smashing cake into each others' faces. There's just no way we could be nice when there's an anticipiated food fight involved. Mission accomplished. :)

As always, all photos are credited to the lovely and talented Jen, from JLowe Photos. If you'd like to see more of her work, feel free to visit her blog here.

speaking of cake... I have some leftover Banana Creme Cheesecake leftover sitting in my work fridge right now. I might have to dig into that later.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Beautiful cake! I love it!

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