Wednesday, March 24, 2010

picture rewind - Caps game!

as I've mentioned before, we went to the Caps vs. Rangers game on March 6th - the tickets were a Valentine's Day gift for the hubs. I got the tickets from my friend Sunny, who has season tickets, but doesn't attend all the games. the seats were in section 114 - AMAZING compared to where we usually sit. anyway, the Caps won 2-0, which obviously made for a good time for us! the $7.50 beers didn't hurt either! being so close to the ice, I had to take the opportunity to takes tons of pictures, so here ya go!

you'll notice that most of the pictures are of Mr. Alex Ovechkin. he's my fave, clearly.

if you're a hockey fan and want to see a good game with lots of hits and goals, make sure to tune into the Caps vs. Pens game tonight! ;)

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  1. It was a good game, too bad the PENS lost! My sister was at the game with a bunch of her friends in DC. She said it was really tough being a Pens fan in Caps territory!


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