Tuesday, March 2, 2010

oh, etsy.

My name is MandeeFoFandee, and I am an Etsy addict. I first came across Etsy while planning our wedding, and wanting to make it super personal, without spending a ton of money. Etsy was the perfect place to find unique items to add for that touch of specialness we wanted.

Now that I'm concentrating on decorating our new home, I once again find myself perusing Etsy for good deals on unique and personal home accents. I figured I'd share with you my recent finds (and loves).

Gaining a new last name has it's perks... especially when it starts with a Q. Q is such a rare letter to be found in names, and so I'm discovering that I want to put the damn letter Q EVERYWHERE in my house. I'm obviously not going to be that crazy, but I do want to showcase it somewhere.
The Letter Q - 4x6 photograph - $4.00

I need lamps for my living room desperately. the only problem is... I have no idea which kind of lamps I want. I know I want a floor lamp for the corner behind my couch because there is absolutely NO light here whatsoever. I also need a table lamp for the end table nearest the windows for night time. when it comes to decor, I know what I like, and I don't necessarily care if it all "goes" together - I just know what I think looks good. BUT I'm having a hard time choosing lamps - do I want them to match the dark espresso furniture? do I want them to coordinate with the green walls? do the metal parts HAVE to include brushed nickel because that's what kind of hardware is in here? no clue. but I do know that when I stumbled across this beaut, I fell in love, but I must find a cheaper alternative. for those steal finders, feel free to help a sister out on this!

White Ceramic Onion Table Lamp - $175.00

the kitchen is going to be our spring project. it's the only room we didn't touch with renovations, and in my opinion, it's fucking hideous. I'm talking about un-leveled floors, gross yellow-ish linoleum tile, old as dirt cabinets (which are in pretty good shape, just not my style), vertical fabric-ish window blinds, and poor lighting all over. while I would LOVE to tackle all of those issues and just gut the whole damn room, it's just not realistic for us... so we're going to do one project at a time. the one aspect of the kitchen I'm dying to change is the cabinets. thanks to all the lovely decor blogs I follow, I'm craving white cabinets. I wish we could splurge on custom knobs and handles, but let's face it, we ain't rich folk. so in the meantime, I will daydream over these lovelies.

Cabinet Knobs with Antique Images - (4) for $32.00

if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with picture frames... especially different ones... especially handmade ones. thanks to Erinn, I've come across Nestlings, and the custom frames that are made in the shop are a MUST have. I'm loving this one, but I think if I splurged on a frame like this, I would include bits of our vows or the reading from our ceremony. I would proudly display it in our bedroom.

Fancy Frame Quote - $65.00

during the brainstorm process of our kitchen re-do, I came to the conclusion that I wanted it to tie into the rest of the house - modern and clean, with a pop of color. enter the pear. we ran a "perfect pear" theme with all of our wedding accessories (cheesy, yes?), and I have a bunch of different pear items that I plan to display in the kitchen. I'm not gunna go apeshit with the pears, but I think it'll help to have a cohesive color scheme of black, white, and pops of green. the only problem is, we have cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling, so I need some things to display up there so it's not just empty space. and I think I've found a solution, through Romy & Clare Designs. They have an array of kitchen ceramics designed with painted pears, that would look SO good at the top of my cabinets.

Pear Mod Medium Square - $39.00

Pear Funky Teapot - $84.00

Pear Funky Cream & Sugar Set - $60.00

I'm doing a black, white, and red color scheme in our bathroom. I knowAdd Image it seems like there's a lot of black and white, but there's really not, I promise. anywhozits, this print would go perfectly with the scheme of things.

Modern Love Art Print - $22.50

speaking of art, I'm loving this series entitled Golden Magic by Phil Marty Photography. for our bedroom. I'm keeping things nice and neutral and serene in the bedroom with all tans, creams, and shades of off white. these would look perfect above our bed.

Golden Magic I - 8x10 - $25.00

Golden Magic II - 8x10 - $25.00

Golden Magic - 8x10 - $25.00

welp, that's all I've got today. I'm going to try to post Wedding Wednesday this evening, but unfortunately, I have been swamped at work today... thank god I wrote this last night! happy Wednesday!


  1. i could spend all my money at etsy, i've bought lots of stuff on there for my cousin who is expecting her first baby girl. including two pair's of sarah's shoooz!

  2. i love etsy! i got kullen a onsie from there ... and my fried heather just sent me the link to some skull shoes ... :D
    ps - i think you could do a frame like the one you found ... just get a black one with a thick frame and paint/etch some of your vows ... thats right up your alley giL!


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