Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - V. II

If you're interested in seeing the first installment of WW, click here.

Since it's pretty much been snowing here non-stop all month (and maybe because Valentine's Day is right around the corner), I thought I'd share pictures of our flowers used in the wedding. For those of you that see flowers all the time... I may or may not hate you considering all I see when I look out my window is WHITE DEATH. I am aching for spring time, so I figured flowers would be appropriate. :D

So. Here are some pictures of my bouquet, my bridesmaids' bouquets, boys' bouts, our ceremony arrangements, and reception centerpieces. As always, all photos are credited to the lovely and talented Jen, from JLowe Photos. If you'd like to see more of her work, feel free to visit her blog here. If you're curious, a company called Floral Accents based in Calvert County, Maryland did our flowers.

my bouquet:
white dahlia, white ranunculus, cream roses, stock, white lisianthus, and stephanotis.

bridesmaids' bouquets:
jade roses, green hydrangea, and green cymbidium orchids.

groom's boutonniere:
3 single stephanotis

groomsmens' boutonnieres:
green cymbidium orchid
hope our best man doesn't mind me using his picture! haha

ceremony flowers:
altar - white daisies, yellow roses, white lilies, and other greenery
aisle - green mum pomanders
we also placed a bouquet of yellow roses on my mother's empty chair in the front row

reception centerpieces:
#1 - green hydrangea
#2 - green cymbidium orchids
the second centerpiece picture is a non-pro picture, but the best one I have...

We also had flowers at our cake table, but I figured I'd save those photos for a cake post.

Also, if you're wondering just how much snow we have for me to be constantly bitching about it, here's the proof. I took this with my cell phone (pardon for the quality) and it's looking out our back door which normally leads out to the deck. in this case, it leads to waist deep snow.

and about 3 feet to the right of that door is a window... and here's the snow outside there. again, waist deep. I confess that most of it is due to the crucial winds and snow drift, but it's still crazy that there's just SO MUCH of it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! If you're in the Mid-Atlantic region, I hope you're not coming down with a serious case of cabin fever. Luckily, I make the trek to work Monday & Tuesday, so this has been my first real snow day since the weekend, but I'm taking tomorrow off as well to give the road crews time to work on our roads.

In other news, I'm super excited for Valentine's Day. I got Mr. MandeeFoFandee an awesome gift, and I can't wait to give it to him. I would share what it is on here, but sometimes he reads up on my life via this blog. haha.

In honor of the snowpocalypse (aka snoverload and snowdiculous) and Valentine's Day, tell me, what's your favorite flower?


  1. That's a lot of snow. I don't miss those winters up in Thunder Bay (every winter).

    My favourite flower is gerber daisies, I love the bright colors.

  2. What would happen if you opened the door? Would the snow fall in your house?

    I honestly don't have a favorite flower, although I do like yellow roses.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your mother. Beautiful flowers, I especially like the bridesmaids bouquets.

    Have fun in the snow, up here we've gotten dumped on all winter also, although that's pretty much the norm around these parts.

  4. @ Tara - the door opens outside... so I don't think opening it is an option at all. haha


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