Thursday, February 11, 2010

CCL moment.

I have the cutest little Bear cub ever.

I had another snow day today, which meant plenty of snuggle time with my Bear Claw. in case you're wondering just how bad the cabin fever is... let me put it to you this way... I've started serenading that little grey kitty with my own version of "Bear cub Face" in lieu of "Poker Face." it's hysterical, and he seems to dig it. "my my my Bear cub face, my my Bear cub face. no you can't read my Bear cub face."

:insert Twilight Zone tune::

Hubs and I also debated on whether or not cats have four legs, or if they have two arms and two legs. I think they have two arms and two legs... Bear sure as hell uses his front "legs" like arms. he grabs my face to give kisses and uses his front paws (which are attached to his ARMS) to knock shit over. what's your verdict?


  1. Definitely two arms and two legs. Like when cats cover there eyes with their front paw- they're not covering their eyes with their leg. That'd be weird.Or when they hug you. They're not hugging you with legs- they're arms.

  2. Definitely two arms and two legs. I say the same thing about my dogs. Olivia grabs our face to kiss us, too.
    Also, Paul and I have debated whether cats and dogs have elbows and knees...

  3. Love this. I'm also passing on to you the Happy 101 Award. Details can be found here:

  4. What a little cutie pie! Too funny, we have a mostly gray cat that looks like Bear, and a solid white cat that looks like Pearl! Our white cat Mia is a little weird and our vet says that white cats and the freakiest. Does Pearl ever act weird?!

  5. @ A Wedding Story - Pearl is definitely weird, compared to Lily and Pheobe, but Bear is the strangest! Pearl likes to chase her tail a lot. she sits on the floor and glances behind her to see her tail moving, and then quickly jumps to try to stand on it! it's hilarious! I wish I had video! haha

    @ suzanne - AHHHH, you're the best! thank you so much for the award! I'll repost today or tonight!

  6. Having a WEEK at home with my man and cats last week?

    Best. Thing. EVER!!!!!!!!


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