Monday, February 1, 2010

Tax Time = An Unrealistic Wish List

It's February 1st, and to those of us who are hard working (aka blogging, Facebooking, Nesting, gchatting during work hours) members of society, that means it's tax time! I don't know about you, but I look forward to my tax refund more than I do my birthday, which by the way, is March 23rd and right around the corner. I accept gifts all year long.

And if you're anything like me, you dream of all the ridiculous things you can buy with said tax refund. Unfortunately, because I am now an old, married, and responsible adult, our joint tax refund is going to pay off a credit card, and put a huge dent in the amount we owe for our brand spankin' new furniture. Depending on how much we get back (especially with all the deductions we should be able to file for regarding our home improvements), we may put some aside for a trip to Europe next year, but more than likely, it's going to pay off some bills.

Bascially, this post is about all the things I WANT to buy with our tax refund, whether it be a new overpriced hangbag, decor stuffs for our home, a new wardrobe that consists of clothes that actually fit my fatass, new tile for the kitchen, etc. I'm sure home decor will take up most of the list, since that's what I've been recently obsessed with. I should also mention that I have no idea how much money we're getting back, so this list is based on an unlimited amount. haha

So here it is, my unrealistic tax refund wish list:

1. the Samanta Entryway Bench from Pottery Barn. it would look perfect in our entry, especially since we already have some PB hooks to hang above it. I love the storage bins underneath. AND it comes with the option for a "sage" bench cushion. perfecto.

2. the Rectangle Cutout Bookcase from West Elm. I've been searching for the perfect bookcase to put in our entry way (we really have no other place for one), and I absolutely LOVE this one. the cutouts are interesting to the eye, and it has plenty of room to store my constantly growing book collection... and some fun decor pieces as well.

3. 'Off The Hinges' pleated hobo by Steve Madden. let me first tell you that I have never spent more than $50 on a bag. I've always purchased stylish, yet versatile (& cheap) bags. it seems as if the expense of my tastes grow with age. I love (no... I think 'adore' would be the more adequate wording here) this bag. it's not too big, not too small, not too plain, not too out there. alas, at $268.00, the price is TOO much, so it'll sit here on my wish list until someone purchases it for me.

oh, and in case you're wondering, I would totally get the grey one.

the Tucker Buffet table, also from PB. I'm a little obsessed with PB, if you can't tell. I don't even have a new dining room table yet. we have one we inherited from a family friend years ago... it's out in the garage until I can find the time to sand, primer, and stain/paint it and reupholster the chairs with some sort of green fabric. but it doesn't matter. I NEED this buffet in my house. I don't even have nice china to store, but it doesn't matter. I NEED it.

5. while we're on the subject, I'll take the rest of my china too - Ballet Ribbon by Waterford. we registered for 12 place settings, and so far, we only have 1 out of the 12. we're not big on fancy pants items anyway, so it wasn't a big deal for us to register for it in the first place, but the pushy woman at BB&B told us we should. I fell in love with the Ballet Ribbon immediately - it's not ornate and tacky, and it's modern looking with a simple pattern.

oooooh, ahhhh, so ribbon-y.

6. an office. we have two spare rooms upstairs, one of which will be used as a guest bedroom. the other room, however, has an awesome balcony with sliding glass doors, and I'd love to have a nice office up there, complete with funky decor. it gets great natural light, and would be the perfect space to read (and blog). this is the closest thing I could find that compares to what I see when I picture our future office in my head. it's from, and I found it through Google Image search. SCRATCH THAT. it's from Pottery Barn. I was just searching through their storage & organization photos and found the same picture. I love everything about it, from the white furniture, to the green walls (obvi), and down to the little clock sticking out of the wall. I'm not sure if S would agree to another green painted room, but I'm sure I could slip in a few green accents for a pop of color. ;)

7. Typewriter Keys from Pottery Barn... to display in above mentioned imaginary office.

8. A new wardrobe. I work in an extremely casual environment, therefore my daily attire consists of usually skinny jeans and a hoodie. shoes change depending on the weather, but it usually varies between a pair of flats, warm boots, or my trusty (and custom made!) Converse. if we're going out somewhere, I'll throw on a button up shirt or cute tank (in the summer) with some funky earrings and a pair of simple black heels/flats. I've been slowly trying to work in more fashionable pieces into my wardrobe, but it's a little tough to do when everything needs to be size LARGE and I don't feel comfortable in much else except hoodies and jeans. we'll talk about my recent weight gain and self esteem in another post. anywhoozits, I need more stylish items of clothing, and a tax refund would allow for that.

this is what I dress like on a daily basis (minus the fug glasses). I wanna classy it up a bit, damnit.

9. I know it's crazy, but I'm not entirely self absorbed, so I would also buy Mr. MandeeFoFandee some part he needs for the computer he's building. last fall/winter, he decided that instead of buying a new desktop, he'd just build his own. well, he ordered most of the parts he needed, and then something else attracted his attention... and therefore the computer building got put on the back burner... until we moved and he realized he had all this crap for a computer we're not even using. so now he's been rambling about how he needs this and that, and well, I'd let him get it if it means I don't have to hear about it anymore... and that he'd have his own computer and stop using my laptop for his damn Farmville. I'm such a nice wife.

10. A NEW DENTIST. motherfucker, I have had the worst toothache for months, and it's only gotten worse. I'm only typing all this cause it's all I can think about as I sit on my couch. I had a root canal a few years ago, which amounted to paying about $1200 out of pocket, because I didn't have dental insurance. well instead of getting the permanent filling and crown right away like a good patient, I waited because I wanted to have dental insurance first, and crowns are quite expensive. like an idiot, I let the temporary filling fall out, and never got it fixed. now, I'm kicking myself in the ass. I've tried to contact my dentist 3 times in the last month to see if I can schedule an appointment. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to have this sucker pulled at this point. those fuckers have failed to return my calls. GAH.


I wish I could think of more useless crap to list here, but my tooth is killing me and therefore not allowing me to think clearly.

answer me this, readers... what do you plan on doing with YOUR tax refund? going to pay off debt? catch up on bills? buy something shiny?


  1. You have great taste girl! I heart that Steve Madden bag. I have never paid over 30 bucks for a purse, but I 100% agree with you that my taste gets better (read: more expensive) the older I get.

    I stay far away from Pottery Barn, cuz I love their stuff but it is way too expensive for me.

    Oh and our tax return- usually I would say put towards credit cards, but it will prob go into savings cuz we're trying to keep as much cash as possible in savings to use as a down payment when we find a new house.

  2. that office and those fabulous typewriter keys are pretty much all i aspire to right now. cuuuuz it'd be cool to move out of my mom's garage. yep.

    sweet blog, yo!

  3. I purchased that west elm bookshelf with my cash back from paying for my wedding. Love it!

    Now after reading this I really want that Pottery Barn bench too...

  4. @ Tara - tell me about it. the only way I get something from Pottery Barn is if it's on a wish list and I happen to get it for Christmas, OR if it's on sale!

    @ vicki - your blog is hilarious! I'm glad you found me!

    @ Amie - JEALOUS. that is all.

  5. We're going to Paris! I'm actually really happy and proud of my husband and I to spend our return on something fun. In the past, our returns have gone straight to bills or savings. Smart but lame-o. I've finally silenced the responsible adult inside me that thinks we should put it towards debt and embraced the wild, rebel that say Paris!


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