Wednesday, February 3, 2010

random thoughts.

My digestive system has been all wonky lately. I'll go days without pooping, and then have water ass for a day, and then back to being stopped up. WTF stomach?

I'm so sick of snow. We've gotten approximately 30" already this winter and We're supposed to get a huge storm this weekend, which will, ONCE AGAIN, prevent me from running weekend errands. fuck you, Mother Nature.

I went grocery shopping tonight to try to avoid the crowd, with no such luck. I don't know what it is about snow that makes people freakthefuckout. Last time we had a big storm, I went shopping the night before (it had nothing to do with the incoming snow... we had just moved and literally had NO food in the house), and the store was full of empty shelves - mostly in the eggs/bread/milk/chicken areas. It's not like a fucking meteor is coming and we'll be holed up in our bomb shelters for months, people. It's snow, and it'll be cleared up in a few days... I'm pretty sure you won't consume 7 loaves of bread in that time. Put it back and share. Now.

I love cheesy reality shows, including (but not limited to...) Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, Worst Cooks In America, Biggest Loser, American Idol, Big Brother, and Hell's Kitchen.

I would rather scrub toilets than wash dishes. I fucking despise doing the dishes.

For some reason, Pheobe is being a cunt lately. Every time Bear walks near her, she growls and hisses at him, and then proceeds to chase him and seriously attempt to hurt him. I don't know what her deal is, but she needs to cut that shit out.

I am guilty of responding to everyday statements with "that's what she said." Sometimes when it doesn't even work, but I still find it hilarious.

I totally forgot to switch my Nuva Ring last night. Thankfully, I remembered on my way home from the store and did it when I got home. It was easier to do the first time. I was really strugglin' there for a minute.

Sean & I are both atheist. For some reason, people get really offended by this, even though it doesn't concern them. We don't look down on, nor do we judge, those that believe in God. Why do those who follow organized religion find it necessary to make a big deal of our beliefs (or lack thereof)? I don't get it.

I would rather rock a fab pair of earrings than a big necklace.

I find new home decor/design blogs to subscribe to/follow everyday. I currently have 32 blogs in my Google Reader, and I'd say about 86% are house blogs. Addiction say what?

Speaking of addiction. A&E's Intervention makes me freaking cry every.single.episode.

I don't even know what time my favorite shows come on. All I know is they magically appear in my handy dandy DVR, ready for me to enjoy.

I keep thinking today is Friday. shit.


  1. I also love your random thoughts. You're awesome.

  2. You watch Worst Cooks in America too? I hope they do another season. And I am also more of an earring than a necklace person.

  3. Worst Cooks is hilarious. it's so hard to believe how BAD those people are at such simple things! hahaha!

  4. When I told Trey about it, he said "Would I be in trouble if I nominated you for that show?" Yeah I have the sweetest husband.

  5. apparently Gordon Ramsey is doing something similar with people who can't cook - Sean sent me an email about it. I looked at the site to see if there were any casting calls near us, but no such luck. haha


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