Friday, February 26, 2010

let's talk reality.

as I've mentioned before, I am a complete reality TV junkie. seriously, I can't get enough. they could create a show that highlighted someone's normal office job and normal boring life... and I would fucking watch it. I guess it all stems from my constant need to be nosy... I love reading/watching about other peoples' lives and to think about what I would do in a certain situation or with a different challenge.

anywhozits, I watch a LOT of reality TV - you name it, and I guarantee that I've probably watched at least one season, if not on a regular basis. my top 3 shows that are airing right now are the highlight of my week. I figured I'd share my opinion on the current going-ons of those shows. since I know you care about my brutally honest and sometimes offensive opinions.

#1. Project Runway. now I'll be the first to admit that I am extremely FAR from being a fashionista. in fact, the most fashionable piece of clothing I own is probably my wedding dress and a killer pair of green heels that I've NEVER even worn. but oh do I love Tim Gunn and his "make it work" ism. this season is pretty crazy, and I have to say, I'm not surprised that Heidi is pregnant again. I feel like I haven't watched a season of PR without a pregnant Ms. Klum hosting.

as I stated a few posts ago, Amy and Seth Aaron are my current faves. Seth Aaron's personal style really calls to me. I love all the black, and the zippers, and the funky patterns. it's totally me, and I would happily wear ANY of the designs he's created on the show, especially his latest. the challenge was to create a fashionable outfit for a child, and then of course Tim Gunn sprung on them a little twist: to create a coordinating adult outfit. I love the jacket, and the pants with the metal detailing. and if I'm being completely honest, I kinda sorta want to own the kid's hoodie too.

Amy is a little more subtle, but still isn't afraid to put her shit out there and take risks... like last week's nightmare outfit she designed. oh lord. now I don't mind the kid's outfit... in fact I would probably wear a sweater like that. but what was she thinking with those pants? I wish she would have made them into a skirt... at least then the movement of the fabric wouldn't be all over the place. don't get me wrong, I've loved her past ensembles, but this one... was just... whack.

here's a look at her gown from episode 4 (which she won). I need to OWN this dress.

as far as personality goes, I am infatuated with Anthony's laugh. he is such a trip, and reminds me so much of an old friend. his diva attitude makes me laugh out loud during every episode, and I love his back story - just a regular gay man growing up in the south with a passion for fashion. I also adore his winning design from week 5, that will be worn by the one and only Heidi Klum on the cover of an upcoming Marie Claire.

all images are courtesy of Lifetime.

the only person from PR Season 7 that I really can't stand is Mila. she just annoys me. she complains that she doesn't fit in, but maybe it's because she's old and acts like she's got a stick up her ass. she just seems so stuck up to me, and her designs are the same old geometric patterns. ugh, I hope she goes home soon.

#2. Shear Genius.
even though it's a semi-new show, I've been hooked since Season 1. and for the record, I fucking hate Tabitha. I think she looks like a dog and she's bitchy.

this season, Amy and Jon are my favorite so far. I like Amy, cause she's young and her hair looks awesome. I find it hard to trust a hair dresser who has shitty looking hair... kinda like I don't trust skinny chefs. she hasn't been doing too well on the show lately, but I'm confident she can turn it around. here she is rockin' it during episode 4's short cut challenge:

Jon is just hilarious - he reminds me a LOT of a guy I dated a few years ago, who is now a really good friend of mine. well he reminds me of him... minus the homosexual factor. he's really goofy and expressive, which I love. I loved his finished look for the elimination challenge on episode 2 - the challenge was to create a hair style based on a dish - his dish was scallops, and he conveyed his vision perfectly through the model's hair.

I'm SO glad Adee is gone - he was a really cocky hairdresser from London, who couldn't even mix color because back at home he has an assistant to do that for him. what an ass. HATE HIM. I'm also not a big fan of Brig - she's just weeeeeird and a little too confident for someone who hasn't done very well in the competition. and her hair is HIDEOUS.

all images from Bravo.

#3. Bad Girls Club. I cannot even express my love for the trashiness that is this show. 7 slutty, nasty, fighting, trashy, classless females all living in a house together in LA? don't miiiind if I do! the drama that ensues is incredibly hilarious, and it's hard to believe that girls like these actually exist in our society (and sometimes it's kinda sad). I don't really have a favorite this season, cause they all get on my nerves in one way or another, but let's face it - BGC is like a train wreck. you just... can't... look... away.

I do find it necessary to mention that I'm fully convinced that Natalie is an actress... because there is nowayinhell someone actually acts like she does... running around telling people she "runs LA" (just because she dated/is dating Chris Brown) and that she's rich as a celebrity, and thinks every man wants her. not with that Jay Leno chin, hooker.

images courtesy of Oxygen.

oh, oh, oh... I just found her bio on Oxygen's website. get a load of this shit:
"A spunky self-proclaimed socialite, Natalie enjoys cruising in her sugar daddies’ expensive cars and painting the town red with her cool celebrity friends. With a degree in Sociology, Natalie operates her own fashion boutique in Northern California. This flamboyant rebel proclaims to 'run LA.'"
doesn't she just SOUND like a giant douchebag? yeah, that's what I thought.

so. that's my recap on my current 3 fave reality TV shows. trust me, there are many more, but those are the only ones I'm really passionate about right now. I'm also watching the newest season of The Biggest Loser, but since that hasn't been on since the Olympics started airing, I kinda forgot what was going on, haha. and The Amazing Race is awesome as well (team Jeff & Jordan, btw)... but it just started so it's kind of hard to judge who I hate. for now.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'm having a much needed girls night tomorrow night, and I can't wait to see some of my favorite ladies!

PS - 25 days til my birthday! ;)


  1. Love this post, cuz you know I'm a huge reality tv junkie too, although I've never watched Shear Genius or BGC. Creating a hairstle with scallops as the inspiration, though? May have to check that out.

    Seth Aaron absolutely deserved to win that last challenge. Those outfits were awesome! I also love Anthony.

    Seriously if we ever gtg, we could prob spend hours talking about nothing but reality tv.

  2. oh my gosh, you MUST watch Bad Girls Club. it is the greatest white trash reality show I've ever seen in my life!

  3. Oh, I love reality tv. Haven't seen Bad Girls Club, but I may keep my eye out for it. I consider myself more of a Bravo junkie - I could just watch it all day long if my job didn't get in the way, ha! My favorites are Top Chef, Flipping Out, Miami Social, The Rachel Zoe Project, Shear Genius, Kell on Earth, and all The Real Housewives, to name a few. I have followed Project Runway over to Lifetime - I really like Anthony this season!


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