Monday, June 3, 2013

weekend recap.

we had a fun weekend here in the FoFandee household: a little relaxing, a little productiveness, and lots of sunshine and high temps. let's recap, shall we? 

on Friday morning, Mr. Ronin had his 9 month wellness check up. Sean left work for a bit to come with us to the appointment. little dude is super healthy and remaining steady in the 25th percentile for his age. he now weighs 18lbs 14oz and is 28 inches long - such a long and lanky boy! I didn't really have any questions for our pediatrician this month, so the appointment went pretty quickly. he did have to get one vaccine (hepB), which was NOT fun, obviously. he screamed bloody murder, but luckily, I had a nice big bottle ready for him afterward. 

oh, and I haven't even taken his 9 month photos yet, because this squirmy seal will NOT stay on his back. he screams bloody murder when I change his diaper or try to get him dressed, so laying on his back for photos is not really an option right now, haha. little punk.

since the weather was so nice, we spent the rest of the afternoon out on the patio. Sean came home from work and grilled some pork chops and after dinner, it was time to start the sleep learning. the program we're following noted that it would probably take an hour for him to fall asleep on the first night, and while it doesn't sound like a long time, hearing a baby cry for an hour is absolutely heartbreaking. I will elaborate more on our experience so far, but it's going surprisingly well! 

on Saturday, we spent a majority of the day doing typical cleaning around the house, and then we met up with Sean's parent's to enjoy some crabs & cold beer in Annapolis. the crabs were huge and heavy, but Ronin was kinda sick of being a highchair after a while, so we took turns holding him while the other ate. 

I hosted our monthly book club meeting at my house on Sunday. although there were only 6 of us, we had a great time just chatting (barely about the book, ha!) and enjoying some yummy food. after the ladies left, we headed out to Target to pick up a few a bunch of things, including another bathing suit for the mister and some paper goods for his birthday party. no pictures from Sunday, but it was a nice day. :) 

hope your weekend was fun! we've been having some great weather here in Maryland, albeit, a bit on the HOT side. that just means we get some early pool days! woohoo! 

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