Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friday loves

a PSA regarding citronella oil & kids. - A MUST-READ for all parents of young children. 

a cute child fashion blog. psst. they have a shop too.

Aubrey Plaza on Ellen. - I want to be friends with her. she's so awkward and hilarious.

the dresses at Old Navy right now are amazing. I want one of each. seriously.

something hilarious: the reviews of this banana slicer.

a link to a link to all of IROCKSOWHAT's free downloads. 
(confession? there are 3 of these in Ronin's nursery.)

two words: bandanna bibs

HAPPY WEEKEND, friends! 
we have a busy one coming up. I finally built our raised garden bed today, so 
I'll be planting an abundance of fruits and veggies tomorrow. 
I'm co-hosting a baby shower on Saturday (cannot wait to share the details!) 
for my friend Jen, and Sunday will be spent doing stuff around the house. 
I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

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