Monday, April 29, 2013

round up: summer style for baby boys.

I started stocking up on Ronin's summer wardrobe before he was even born. I couldn't help but picture my little seal decked out in khaki shorts, little tanks, and one piece rompers. now that the weather is finally starting to warm up on the East Coast, I'm adding even more summer staples to his closet. 

I love to pick out styles that I would wear myself - in fact, I may have chosen a few of these items based on the idea of matching outfits with me, haha. I have a neon yellow striped shirt that I can''t wait to throw on while dressing him in the first romper. 

I've also been eyeing up some swimwear for pool days with our BFF and the beach trip we're planning for late summer. so here's a peek at what I'm loving this season... a few of which I've picked up for my dude. 

one : two : three : four : five : six

one : two : three : four : five : six : seven : eight

one : two : three : four : five : six : seven : eight : nine

am I the only one who LOVES dressing a little boy? don't get me wrong, I definitely swoon at the little dresses every time I peruse through Target. but honestly, I prefer skulls and sharks over pink bows any day. who says dressing a boy isn't fun? not this mama!


  1. Jag has those skull shorts and i can't waaaait for them to fit! Ronin is going to look so dang cute in that neon striped romper.

    1. YES, we love those shorts! he already wore them once last week when it was like 75 degrees out. is it weird that I'm saving the neon romper for an occasion when we'll see friends? I want to show it off, haha.

  2. Love all the yellow! Super cute picks! Can't wait until I see mr Ronin I'm swim trunks ha

    1. I know, I can't wait to get him in the water! I'm officially inviting myself to your pool days. ;)


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