Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday loves

it's baaaaaaaack! with a fresh look, of course. if you're new here, here's the deal - every Friday I share a collection of interesting articles, award worthy photos, genius designs, etc that I've found while looking around on this here internet machine. 

feel free to join in with your own little round up and take a button while you're at it.

how not to be a jerk on the internet. - thanks for sharing this little bit of wisdom, AP!

take the holidays down a notch. - keeping it simple will allow the big holidays to really shine, in my opinion. 

this video, in response to the social media attacks against the Steubenville rape victim. 

what a SAHM means when she says she needs a break. - all dads should read this. we love our job, we really do. promise. sometimes we just need to be ourselves for two minutes out of the day.


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