Monday, October 22, 2012

8 weeks - a list.

+ I cannot believe my little peanut is 8 weeks old today. it blows my mind how fast time is flying. I love every new milestone and "first" of his, but I also know that he will never be this little again. that makes me sad.

+ Ronin is nursing like a champ. we had some issues in the beginning and I ended up exclusively pumping for 4 weeks in order to save my sleep deprived sanity. after seeing a lactation consultant, he is breastfeeding every other feeding (bottle feeding breast milk at the others). it's so relieving to not be tied to a pump all day, although I definitely would have kept at it had nursing not worked out.

+ he is fitting into 3 month onesies. he is super long, so sleepers fit him length wise, but are still too wide for him. however, I am a happy mama cause most of his clothes are 3 month in size so there are tons of options now... even pants! woo! although I have recently become addicted to BabyLegs. freakin' genius.

+ we are cloth diapering, as planned. we've decided to use disposables at night until he fits into bigger diapers because I'd hate to have to interrupt his long overnight stretch of sleep for a diaper change.
we are currently using a mix of different diapers - prefolds, kissaluvs NB fitteds, lil joeys AIOs, kissas AIOs, and GMD fitteds. I really don't have a preference, honestly. I like them all for different reasons. we also started using cloth wipes too and I'm making my own solution at home which just consists of water, baby soap, and baby oil.

+ Ronin's schedule is starting to become SORTA predictable... not that he's eating and sleeping at specific times, but his routine is getting more regular. he typically eats, naps for maybe 10 minutes or so and then wakes up and is ready for stimulation - so we play on his play mat or with rattles on the couch for a while. then he usually gets grumpy because he's tired and is ready for a nap. however, he only naps 30-60 minutes at a time during the day now a days, so it's not long before he's awake again and ready to eat.

+ we are getting lots of smiles these days, and it completely warms my heart. he's also become more and more vocal - he's cooing all the time and "talking" to us when we talk to him. he makes awesome noises and it makes me look forward to the day we will really hear him talk. I can't wait to hear what his little voice sounds like. he's able to grip his rattles and he grasped a toy on his mobile gym for the first time last week.


this little boy is amazing to me, and I can't imagine my life without him. we are so, so lucky. <3 font="font">

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  1. Love that smile! And you look so happy and pretty!! I can't wait to see him again!


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