Monday, July 30, 2012


I love Danielle's "currently" posts, so I figured I'd join in today. 

Loving: that I have a month (hopefully) to prepare myself, and my house, for Ronin's arrival. on Thursday, due to my slightly elevated (and creeping) blood pressure, my doctor officially placed me on modified bed rest. I can still do things around the house, and I do still plan on getting out a few times a week for little things. basically, my doctor just doesn't want me sitting in one place or standing for too long. 

Ronin's safety is my number one priority, so if I'm feeling "off" or especially tired one day, I plan to listen to her orders and stay in bed. however, I am relieved that I can still do house work, since that means I can start to really prepare for him - washing baby clothes, putting together some small furniture, nesting, etc.

Reading: baby stuff. I'm finally opening up all the books and pamphlets I received during our hospital classes. I have one from the birth class, the newborn care class, and the breastfeeding class. I'm also getting ready to re-read Odd Thomas, which is my favorite book of all time. Koontz released TWO new Odd books, so I need a refresher.

Watching: Big Brother!!! so excited that it's BB season already. I'm loving the coach twist this season, and am already finding myself rooting for the underdogs (Brittany & Dan) and their players. I won't say too much, since I know a lot of people DVR it. ;)

Thinking about: our last few weeks as a family of two. it's so surreal to me that we will be parents in a matter of WEEKS. we only have this last month to really soak up our alone time together and do things that will be more difficult with a newborn, and it kind of blows my mind. oh, and our 3 year anniversary is NEXT week! so crazy.

Anticipating: meeting this precious being that I've been growing for 9 months. I have no idea what he'll look like, but I can already picture him being so familiar to me. I don't know him yet, but I love him so much already that I can't picture how big my heart will swell when I finally get to see his sweet face. I cannot wait to see Sean take on his role as a Daddy - I know he will be great at it.

Listening to: a reggae mix that our friends made for Ronin. they are the ones who got married in Florida in the beginning of June - they had a beach wedding with a reggae musician, and Ronin danced in utero the whole time, so they made me a mix CD (yes, I still use CDs) to play for him. :)

Working on: getting things done around the house before baby comes. we finally have our first piece of baby equipment put together (the Pack N Play), thanks to Sean. I have a hefty to-do list to work on, so I will be taking advantage of the "modified" portion of this bed rest order. this week's chores will consist of packing a hospital bag, installing the car seat, washing baby clothes, completing our Amazon registry, and sterilizing breast pump parts.

that I could just blink and have all this stuff done! HA! the list seems to be never ending, but I know it'll all come together. also? I wish I had a freaking pool. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, this is such an exciting time for you!! Loved you post. I did a "Currently" one too if you want to check it out :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. So exciting for you! I remember the last month of my pregnancy seemed to draaaagg by because I was so excited for what was to come.
    Seeing my husband become a dad on the daily is amazing, there are times I feel like crying [stupid baby hormones never seem to leave your system after you become a mom!] because it feels like everything is just so perfect in that moment.
    I'm glad to hear you're going ot listen to the doctor - blood pressure isn't anything to play around with, even more so when you're pregnant. You take it easy!

    1. I feel like time is REALLY flying by now that I'm on a deadline that could be two weeks away or four weeks away!

  3. I can only imagine how much needs to get done before you bring a little one into your home. I'm already thinking/stressing and I'm not pregnant yet! haha. I'm watching big brother too. I love Dan. I did a currently post too if you would like to check it out! ♥ Lindsay


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