Thursday, July 19, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 34

34 weeks, 1 day. holla. 

how far along? 
34 weeks (34 weeks, 2 days today, technically).

how big is the baby? 
little boy weighs about 4.75lbs (like a cantaloupe) and measures almost 18" long. his fat layers are filling him out, which will allow him to regulate his temperature better. he is now recognizing and reacting to songs sung by Mama, and will (fingers crossed!) be soothed by them once outside the womb.

total weight gain: 
up another 4lbs, for a total of 23lbs gained. I guess not gaining any weight for the first 20 weeks is finally catching up to me! ;)

still on and off. some nights are great, some are down right shitty.

best moment of the week: 
I went to a breastfeeding class last night and am SO GLAD I did. I feel so much more confident that breastfeeding will be a success for our family, given that it's extremely rare that a woman cannot physically breastfeed. there are a lot of misconceptions and myths out there regarding breastfeeding, so it's refreshing to feel a little more informed. 

my physical therapist successfully realigned my pelvis, which is awesome (it's stayed correctly positioned for over a week now), and it's really helped with the pain. 

food cravings: 
fresh fruit - peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.

food aversions: 
nothing really.

with the exception of Braxton Hicks contractions, I've got it all (sleeplessness, headaches, pelvic pain, swollen feet, leaky breasts, heartburn/acid reflux, carpal tunnel, constipation, etc).

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
finally finishing the painting in the nursery this weekend, a much needed pedicure on Saturday, and maternity pictures with Jen Lowe on Sunday (we had to reschedule last weekend due to weather). also? I have less than 2 weeks left of work. HALLELUJAH. 

what I miss right now: 
honestly? it really sucks to not be able to see your own vagina. 

next appointment: 
I had an appointment this morning, and because of my pre-eclampsia symptoms, I will go back in a week (the 26th) instead of the usual 2 week break. my blood work from last week was fine, but my headaches have been getting worse and my blood pressure is still high, so my OB is a tad concerned. 


  1. bahaha Your "What I miss right now" made me laugh. I totally agree.

    1. for real, it's scary not knowing what's going on down there.

  2. You look sooo happy & beautiful in this week's baby bump photo :) hope everything goes well for you & baby Ronin!


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