Tuesday, June 26, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 31

so I had my bi-weekly appointment this morning, and it looks as though I might be developing pre-eclampsia. my blood pressure was slightly elevated and there were trace amounts of protein in my urine. they took my blood pressure again at the end of my appointment, and it had gone down, which is great. they're going to keep an eye on everything over the next couple weeks, and if my BP and protein continue to be an issue, they will probably be putting me on bed rest. whomp WHOMP.

my biggest worry is that pre-eclampsia usually leads to induction, which is not something I wanted at all. however, as we all know, things hardly ever go according to plan, especially when it comes to child birth. so whatever comes my way, I'll try to be as prepared as possible, but I'm still keeping fingers crossed that baby boy stays in there as long as he can and we can go into labor on our own.

also, my camera on my phone wasn't working this morning, so here's a photo from Saturday instead of my actual 31 week photo. I'll take a bump pic tonight with hubs' phone and post it tomorrow. 

30 weeks, 4 days.
dress from Old Navy.

how far along? 
31 weeks.

how big is the baby? 
Ronin now weighs about 3.3lbs (Baby Center), measures over 16 inches long, and is the size of a squash (via The Bump). all his senses are in working order, although he won't get to smell anything until he makes his way to the outside world. he's beginning to plump out as he accumulates more fat on his body.

total weight gain: 
as of today, 14lbs.

some nights are better than others. getting comfortable is the hardest part, and getting in and out of bed to pee at night is quite painful for my pelvis. Ronin seems to be super active at night, which wakes me up pretty often. thankfully, Sean isn't snoring much these days (he claims it's the new mattress, ha).

best moment of the week: 
seeing lots of friends at Kullen's birthday party, and hearing the little seal's heartbeat today... that sound never gets old. also, Sean's aunt bought me a breast pump, which had me way more excited than I probably should have been, haha. our new mattress is awesome, too.

food cravings: 
anything sweet and fresh - melons, sweet corn, popsicles. <--- same this week. I cannot get enough watermelon.

food aversions: 
anything real heavy.

sleeplessness? check. 
heartburn/reflux? check. 
pelvic pain? check. 
shortness of breath? check. 
leaky nips? check. 
stretch marks? sadly, check.
pregnancy brain? check. 
swollen feet? check. 
carpal tunnel? check!
I'd say I've got it all.
the only thing I haven't really experienced yet is Braxton Hicks contractions. 

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
my baby shower on Saturday, hosted by my BFF and my mother-in-law. I can't wait to celebrate little baby Q with friends and family. :)

what I miss right now: 
walking normally, haha.

next appointment: 
July 6th.


  1. Looking good, mama! I love that dress!

  2. Loving the dress! You look fantastic!
    I remember when I got my breastpump, I pulled everything out of the box and looked it all over and read everything and...Well, I just excited. :) It just meant I was one step closer to being a mom and I couldn't wait.


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