Tuesday, May 15, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 25

damn Sean and his blurry photo taking.

how far along? 
25 weeks. 

how big is the baby? 
Ronin is the size of a cauliflower (according to The Bump... aren't those smaller than cantaloupes?) - weighing about a pound & a half and measuring 13.5 inches in length. he's starting to accumulate some baby fat and now that his sense of equilibrium is developing, he is learning which way is up and which way is down. 

total weight gain: 
I think I'm about 5lbs up from my last appointment (according to my scale at home), which will be a 4lb total weight gain. <--- same as last week.

meh. it's been kinda crappy this last week because Sean has been sick... which means he is snoring and coughing like crazy. luckily, he has volunteered to sleep on the couch every night since last Wednesday.

best moment of the week: 
quite a few things actually! the cloth diaper workshop we attended on Saturday (SO helpful and really confirmed our decision to cloth diaper), being told "Happy Mother's Day" on Sunday, and finally getting my fix of Maryland blue crabs over the weekend. OH, and we now have a crib and mattress thanks to my MIL. :)

get in my bellay.

food cravings: 
fruit pops, anything with cheese, raw green beans. strange, I know.

food aversions: 

same old pelvic pain. my feet are starting to swell a bit too, but as soon as I prop them up, the swelling goes down. <----- yep. 

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
we have a trip to IKEA planned for Saturday to acquire more nursery furniture. and I get to hear the nugget's heartbeat again on Friday. weeee!

what I miss right now: 
sleeping on my stomach.

next appointment: 
May 18th - Friday afternoon.


  1. Um, you look fantastic! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm 34.5 weeks pregnant with our second! (another boy!) I just love the name Ronin- so sweet! And your picture of that MD blue crab has me drooling.. I have to ask- are you from MD?! I am! And I am SO looking forward to a summer FULL of those suckers!! Looking forward to reading more! happy tuesday! ;)

  2. thank you! and congratulations on your pregnancy... how exciting to have two boys running around! lucky girl to be able to be free from the heat soon. :)

    and yes ma'am, I am Maryland born and raised - I plan on indulging in crabs as often as possible this summer! (and hoping that Ronin loves them as much as I do)

  3. I sleep on my stomach every night. I am not looking forward to that whenever I get around to baby making.

    You look so good! I am glad you're choosing to cloth diaper, it's definitely something I'll be doing too.


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