Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

linking up with Miss Sar for some random musings :)

I finally made an appointment to have this mop cut! I haven't had anything done to it since JUNE of 2011. it's in definite need of some TLC. I think I'm going to keep my color the same, but trim the ends and add some more layers. still undecided on whether I want to grow out/keep my bangs. 

I don't like the new actor playing Spartacus. I'm glad they're continuing the show, but I don't think it'll ever be the same without Andy Whitfield.

I have no idea who I'm going to root for during the Superbowl. I hate the Giants (Redskins fan), but I don't really like the Patriots either. 

we have a little mini photo session planned with Jessica this weekend - it's been so long since we've had our pictures taken so I'm a little nervous. but Jessica is a fabulous photographer, so I know she'll work her magic. can't wait to show you all! 

I may or may not still have Christmas decor up. no lights or tree, but stockings? yes. Christmas cards still hung? yes. talk about being a slacker. 

I think Punxsutawney Phil is full of shit. it's 60 degrees here in Maryland today (and was yesterday too), so I don't see Old Man Winter hanging around for another 6 weeks. I'm sure I'll have my foot in my mouth when it snows next week or something, haha. 

I've read 6 books this year already! yeehaw! to be fair, they were mostly young adult fantasy crap, so I flew right through them. I'm working on The Red Tent right now, and it's proving to be much more adult, and therefore a little harder to get into. 


  1. I can't wait to see photos! Also, do a before/after (cell phone pics are fine!) of your haircut! Can't wait to see it for sure.

    Six books?! Mandee, you're a beast! I've read two, which I thought was a lot for one month (considering I have textbooks and journal articles to read as well). I bow down to the master!

    <3 Happy Thursday love!

  2. My last hair cut was in Sept...I finally booked one for the end of March..i'm past due for

  3. Totally agree about the new Spartacus...but those were hard shoes to fill! Plus if you've seen any of the interviews you can tell how really honored he is to have the part and he really wants to do it justice. Andy Whitfield will def be missed but lets be honest...we watch it for all the sex and violence. Oh, just me? I still don't take it back. ;)

  4. I always wait too long between haircuts, so I totally understand! Can't wait to see the photos from you session!! 6 books is a lot, I am still working my way through, The Art of Racing In the Rain - my first of the year! I am crossing my fingers for no snow this year... hopefully Phil is wrong!!


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