Monday, December 12, 2011

recent happenings...

here's what I've been up to lately 
(besides being buried in school work - tonight is my last class! WOO!)... 
please excuse the quality of these photos - all cell phone pics. 

replicating some Dali artwork, circa 1923

cooking the most delicious baked ziti known to man, topped with MY VERY OWN fresh basil
[recipe here]

acing physics exams

creating holiday decor & handmade ornaments 
painted ornament tutorial here
"ribbon" ornament is just strips of curled scrapbook paper 
and the scalloped felt tree was a huge pain in the ass

cuddling with a cute Rhys

drawing my iron reindeer that sits on the bookshelf

painting my nails a very festive green for only $0.99 

spending time with this adorable guy

so yeah... that pretty much sums up why I haven't been around. 
have you been doing any holiday decorating? 
have you been cuddling babies as cute as Rhys? (doubtful)

Happy Monday! 


  1. Great artwork! You definitely have talent!! I always loved to sketch and paint and you'd be surprised that it can actually lead to alot of cool opportunities. I have drawn the cover of 2 books, and had artwork shown at a local gallery. Keep it up, it's SO rewarding!

    P.S. Bear is too cute. He is so much like my Nicky. Nick sits like that (with his legs out front) and I always joke that he thinks he flying :)

  2. These are lovely updates! p.s. I'm pretty sure our cats could pass as twins, no joke :b


  3. i may be biased but i mean, are there any other as cute as rhys? ;)
    i love the paintings/drawings. draw me some owls biiiiiaatch! ;) love love!


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