Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what I've been pinning lately...

since not everyone is on Pinterest (although, really... what are you waiting for? you should be there), I decided to share what I've been pinning lately here on the ol' blog. I've been feeling particularly inspired lately... probably has something to do with the change in weather, which further feeds my need to reinvent. 

I'll be decorating for fall this weekend, so be on the lookout for that next week! I'm hoping to gather some supplies for a few cheap DIY home decor projects (and will document the process, if my pending homework allows) at Michael's... so fingers crossed those ideas work out. 

anyhoodle. here's a look at what's caught my eye recently... 

gorgeous black & grey nature sleeve
[originally from here]

printable gift tags
[originally from here]
and on a similar note, I'm totally DIYing Christmas gifts this year.
details to come in a later post. 

these boots are fucking hot (and reasonably priced)
[originally from here

I heart this drawing and I think it would look rad in my bedroom
[originally from here]

I truly believe I would be a happier person with this bag
[originally from here]

the Gibson tuck... haven't tried it yet, but it looks SO easy and fancy
[originally from here]

I'd never want to live in a studio apt, but if I had to, I'd want it to look like this
[originally from here]

Emerald Gorge, in Oregon
[originally from here]

what have you been pinning lately? 
anyone else taking the homemade route for gifts this year?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Those boots are so hawt! But all I could think of is that, on my short legs, they's be up to my crotch! lol

  2. I've been to the Emerald Gorge photo! It's absolutely beautiful! And love those boots!

  3. Pinterest is going to be the death of me! It's fantastic!


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