Monday, August 1, 2011

Rhys' Sprinkle - Part 2: Games & Activities

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as far as games went, I wanted to stray away from the normal baby shower games. it's not that I don't enjoy them, but I wanted something different and unique for Kaley's party, especially because there seems to be an influx of pregnancies lately, and a lot of the guests have been attending baby showers all summer long. 

the first "game" we played was actually a pretty standard game - the clothespin game. everyone plays it a little differently I think, but the main idea is this: every guest gets a clothespin. you cannot say the word "baby." if someone catches you saying that word, they get to take your clothespin and add it to their collection. the person with the most clothespins at the end of the party gets a prize. 

I took inspiration from everyone's favorite DIY-ers at Young House Love and added a little personality to the clothespins by covering each side with a strip of scrapbook paper. it was super easy and cheap, but it added a touch of whimsy to otherwise plain old clothespins. 

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instead of putting together bingo cards and baby related word scrambles, I came across this baby shower and loved the idea for this "Price is Right" game! basically, I purchased a handful of baby essentials and put them in a big basket. I then asked the guests to estimate how much each item costs... the person who guessed closest to the actual total (without going over!) would be declared the winner... much like the popular game of The Price is Right. 

it was a lot of fun to see how much everyone thought certain items were. I think the most controversial and surprising item was the stuffed elephant that I picked up from K-Mart for $7.99 - everyone thought he was much more expensive because of how big & soft he was! :)

and the best part? Mama Kaley got to keep all the goodies at the end!

[photo courtesy of Kaley]
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and finally, the last activity that I wanted to provide was more of an arts & crafts deal - onesie decorating. I did this at my friend Crystal's baby shower last year and it was a lot of fun, and I knew that Kaley would love having a bunch of onesies that were created by her closest friends. 

I bought a couple packs of onesies (all different sizes so that baby Rhys can wear them throughout the first year of his life) and materials to decorate and set the table up for people to sit and design at their own leisure. I bought the basic fabric paint and pens, and then took it a step further thanks to this idea. I printed out a bunch of basic shapes to be used as templates (an airplane, stars, a guitar, etc) and then picked up a bunch of different fabrics to be cut into said shapes. 

onesie decorating table on the right
[photo courtesy of Kaley]

guests getting their arts & crafts on

onesies hanging up to dry
[photo courtesy of Kathy]
only a handful of ladies actually sat down and decorated onesies, but the kids loved the idea and had a blast creating fun outfits for Rhys to wear, which was enough for me to deem the idea a success! even Papa Poag sat down with the girls to decorate a onesie for his new little boy!  

after the onesies were decorated, Kaley got to pick her three favorite designs and award the artists with a prize! you may have seen them in the previous post, but the prizes resided on the back of the candy table:

[prizes = a small picture frame, tea light candle holder, antibacterial hand-sanitizer & lip balm from Bath & Body works]

I'm so glad that the games and the onesie decorating turned out to be such a success. everyone seemed to really enjoy the activities and it kept everyone social throughout the shower. I can't wait to see baby Rhys wearing the onesies that were decorated especially for him by his mama's friends! 

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  1. You did such a great job! =D

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