Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me [book review]

confession: I have a major girl crush on Chelsea. the way to my heart is through my funny bone, and she gives me a major comedy boner. I've had the pleasure of seeing her stand-up live and it's just as amazing, if not better, than her books and her TV show. 

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me is a collection of embarrassing and prank filled stories by Chelsea's co-workers, friends, and family. unlike her previous books, this edition wasn't actually written by Chelsea herself, save a little excerpt at the end of each chapter in which she addresses the person who actually wrote it.  

"My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate."--Chelsea Handler, from Chapter 10 of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

the tales told mostly involve the various pranks that Chelsea loves to play on those that she loves... from tricking someone into thinking that someone filed a sexual harassment suit against them to convincing a friend to perform a "duet" with the bride at a wedding. Chelsea has the ability to create the most absurd lies and stories, and is able to keep them going for months on end, if only to make a complete fool out of those around her.

as much as I love Ms. Handler, I am certainly glad that I'm not friends with her in real life. some of the tricks and jokes she plays on people are down right cruel, but they are still hilarious nonetheless. however, I am entirely too gullible and would fall for every single one. they are often so well thought out that everyone around is in on the trick, with the exception of the victim her/himself. some of the pranks are so outrageous and elaborate that it's somewhat hard to believe they really happened. but then you read Chelsea's "notes" to each person, and realize that she really does act like she doesn't give a shit about them, haha.

while the memories themselves had me laughing so hard I was -----><----- those close to peeing myself (as Chelsea often does, apparently), the writing could have used a little more work. it was pretty obvious that those involved in the book were not skilled or published authors. through parts of the book, I kind of felt like the people telling the stories were trying to be funnier than they really are, and I found myself really missing the voice of Chelsea herself, along with her dry and witty humor. I mean I guess Chelsea would surround herself with other funny people, but I felt like a lot of the humor was forced.

it's been made very clear that Chelsea Handler is an asshole with big boobs, who treats those she loves the most with the biggest asshole-ish pranks she can fathom. while this book strays from her norm, it did exactly what Chelsea sets out to do, and that is to entertain people. I found myself laughing and smiling like an idiot throughout the book, so it is deemed a success in my eyes.


  1. Chelsea Handler....definitely want to read that book. I think I would be so much more grateful for my life haha

  2. I love her! I have been asking for her book! Thanks for the review!


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