Monday, June 6, 2011

benches, bookcases, and lots of cat hair.

with so much stuff going on lately (birthday parties, KITTENS, social gatherings, our AC flunking out on us), I haven't had time/energy to upload all the pictures from my camera. but I finally sat down and did work last night... I had approximately 400 pictures waiting to be dumped out. sheesh! so that means you guys will be seeing an abundance of posts from me over the next few days as I sort through them all! :)


a couple weeks ago, Sean and I decided we were tired of looking at the giant boxes in our entryway. also, my books were starting to take over the house... they'd be stacked in random little piles ALL over the house. in just over 48 hours, we built our entry way bench AND our bookcase.

the bench was a piece of cake, and we got it all put together in less than an hour. the bookcase, on the other hand, was the BIGGEST pain in the ass... I mean, it was cheap, so I really didn't expect much, but the pieces are so flimsy that when you'd connect one piece, a previously put together section would come apart. it took forever, and there was some serious frustration on our parts, but I love the way it looks now... that's all that matters, right?

the way the bookcase is styled is temporary... I just placed all our random decor up there for now to see how the layout looks... I'm sure it'll change once I collect more seasonal decor. the two tattoo style art pieces were gifts to me - the "Pop-Pop" piece was painted by my cousin, and will be tattooed on me when he finishes his apprenticeship. the bird & rose piece was a gift from my Nestie friend, Laura, designed by her super talented hubby, Paul.


oh, and the cushions aren't on the bench in these pictures either... they're tucked away in the hall closet so they don't get covered in cat hair, haha. I probably should have put them on there for the pictures, at least. and don't mind the cat hair. inevitable in this house... they seem to like the new furniture! this is only a temporary home for the bench until we can get the 8735lb chair moved from it's proper spot. 

OH. and in case you're curious, the green color in the living room is Behr Grape Leaves, the grey in the kitchen (the room behind the bench) is Valspar Gravity, and the grey in the entry way is Behr Sparrow. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Love the colour co-ordination on the bookshelf - my inner obsessive compulsive is smiling! Lol And I can relate to the cat hair issue, it gets *everywhere*.

  2. I LOVE that you color coordinated. Big fan.

  3. That's a great book shelf! Now I need to go back to utilizing ours that hubby built recently! Put my little book piles back in the appropriate place! :)

  4. They really look great! Love the way you color coded the books, and love how sunny your house is!!


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