Thursday, May 26, 2011

kittehs, coffee & ramblings

kittens are taking up all my spare time - I haven't even had much time for reading, which is insane. I was home sick yesterday, so I got some cuddle time with miss Callie. 

Donatella (the tortie) and Blackasaurus Rex (the black one, obvi) like to cuddle with each other and still aren't 100% comfortable with humans. they're very sweet, but still kind of weary when it comes to napping on me.

Callie is definitely the more adventurous and advanced of the three. she was the first to master drinking water and the litter box... and the first to escape their little enclosed area of our bedroom.

I still haven't taken any pics of the babes with my Rebel, which has been in Sean's truck since the weekend, but here's a shitty picture of them from my cell phone. they love to sleep in this little corner where the towels are. don't mind that piece of cardboard... it's blocked the baseboard heating system so that they don't mess with it.

and just so you know I'm not ignoring my other kids, here's Bear from yesterday. our AC is broken right now, and while I'm thankful we realized the problem NOW instead of in July, it's extremely hot and humid here already... our thermostat was up to 79 degrees yesterday before noon. Bear was sprawled out like this for most of the day... obviously feeling the heat. 

OH! and check this out. my friend Stephanie made me a one of a kind coffee cozy - it's mustard and it has a mustache - how PERFECT is that? I love it... and I'm pretty sure it'll work with beer too, which is even better. the inside fabric is a really pretty aqua color and it's

I'll try to post more tonight - I have tons of things to post about - like my steadily growing herbs, my sweet Chia Pet, our newly put together furniture, Wine in the Woods 2011, and just general nonsense. 

just a heads up, there probably won't be a Friday loves post tomorrow... I haven't even started it (yes, I start it early and contribute to it throughout the week), and I doubt I will have time to put something together tomorrow. whomp whomp. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! 
I can't wait for our Monday holiday off!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Those little kitties are super adorable!

  2. Awww, somehow I missed that you brought home kittens. They are so precious!! I wish I could have just one kitty, but Matt is allergic. Love your coffee cozy - it is perfect!!

  3. I love the baby kitties! I swear I commented on this post but perhaps I just got distracted looking at the kitten pictures and forgot. Either way, I LOVE their furry little faces, their cute baby whiskers and their tiny kitten selves! I wish kittens weren't so much work, I'd have kittens all the time!


  4. So adorable! I'm obsessed with my feline fur baby, also :)

    Found your blog via [love love love is all you need] and I'm your newest follower!

  5. awwww I love kitties!!! I wish my boyfriend wasn't allergic. I am so excited I found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read your older post. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think. I am also having a giveaway you should enter.

    Thank you



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