Friday, April 15, 2011

happy birthday Bear!

I cannot believe my handsome Bear Cub is 3 years old today. it seems like it was yesterday when my co-worker sent me a text message with a picture of two teeny tiny kittens, asking what to do. she brought them to my house, and it was love at first sight with that little grey kitty, who resembled a dust bunny more than an actual animal. 

he was so small he could fit in the palm of my hand. he would eat and then nap in his little box that I kept him in... taking him back and forth to work with me everyday for about 6 months, because he was too tiny and not self sufficient enough to leave at home.

always givin' Mama kisses

milk coma with his little dirty milk mouth

Bear is our "special" kitty, as I'm sure you've noticed (and the reason behind the blog name). we rescued him when he was 2 weeks old after his mama abandoned him and his sister in a dumpster. he was so little and weak that he had to be bottle fed every few hours. he had to be taught everything... from how to eat, how to go to the bathroom, and how to walk.

see that little paw sticking up? that's half the reason we named him Bear... they looked like little Bear claws

the bottle nipple could barely fit in his teeny mouth

kissin' hims cute wittle FACE

the first vet we took him to see told us to put him down because he had an inner ear infection and neurological issue in his brain, which caused him to walk in circles (which he still does), and that he most likely had rabies. we ended up seeing another vet, who created some miracle concoction of a medicine that helped his balance issue enough to where he could walk was a rough couple months for him (and us!) with all the feedings, medicine, and learning how to be a normal kitty. we're pretty sure he still doesn't know what it means to be a cat.

he used to have blue eyes!

walking around on my desk at work... fat little milk belly

Bear & Lily, for size comparison

I'm SO thankful every day that we got a second opinion. I couldn't imagine our lives without him. he is so grateful for us and he shows it every single day - he gets excited when we get home from work, he kisses Mama's face, and truly loves us as his parents.

givin' kisses when we got home from vacation

he used to LOVE snuggling under the covers

napping with hims Daddy

just hangin' out @ work

happy 3rd birthday to my Mister Bear Nugget. 
you are the coolest cat ever. you make me laugh on a daily basis with your "talking" to me whenever I so much as look you, and I love that you think you are a human. even though it drives me batty, I think it's hilarious when you soar out of the litter box and look at me like you didn't do anything wrong. your constant affection is the best feeling in the world for kitty parents, and we love you more than you could possibly ever know. keep doing Bear Cub things, cause you're awesome.

and to the rest of you... 
Happy Friday!


  1. omigoshhhh, so tiny! i still remember when you guys brought him to our house wrapped in a blanky :) happy 3rd birthday bear!!

  2. Yay for Bear!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Bear! Sending some kitty love from our kitty crew! >^.^<


  3. Happy Birthday Bear!! I love that I'm not the only CCL that does special birthday posts for their fur babies.

    What happened to Bear's sister? Did she also have a happy ending?

    My heart is a little fuller today from the cuteness overload.

  4. unfortunately, Bear's sister did not have a happy ending. =(

    the same coworker that brought them to me decided to keep her, and when the vet mentioned rabies to her, she freaked. she has kids at home and was worried about bringing the kitten near them with the possibility of rabies, so she decided to have her put down.

    it breaks me heart to this day, because we know now that she DIDN'T have anything wrong with her. I wish she would have called me before deciding, I would have taken her in a heartbeat. =(

  5. Happybirthday Bear! I am so glad you went and got a second opinion Veterinarians are human and can do mistakes so I am glad you went with your gut instinct and gave Bear a chance. I would have done the same thing.

  6. Oh my goodness - those are the cutest little kitten photos ever! He really is such a pretty kitty! Happy Birthday, Bear!!

  7. Bear is so tiny, what a little sweetheart! I love this post and love what a cool cat bear is! Happy Birthday, Bear!


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