Friday, April 29, 2011

grrr, this is my angry face

before I begin this, I would like to state for the record that I'm feeling hormonal today, which is probably where this post is coming from. also, because I know people will read this and automatically think "OMG that post is about me"... it's probably not, so calm yourself. these things are a combination of annoyances that I've witnessed on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. really, they're all just generalized pet peeves that I have instilled in my mind. oh, and it's my blog, so I can do what I want.

I really hate to be negative, but some things have just been irking my nerves, and I feel as though I have to vent. I think bullet style will work best here, because if I don't this might turn into a 10 page essay, and we don't want that amount of negativity here, now do we?

so here we go... a little list of sorts of things that piss me off to no end.
  • Hormones. getting off birth control has turned me into a chocolate craving, bitchy, hormonal, breakdown having, spazzed out psycho. I was always real laid back, never had to worry about my flying off the handle or anything. yeah, that shit's over. nowadays I can go from 0 to Holy Shit Why Am I Crying AGAIN? in about 2 seconds. poor Sean... he truly didn't know what he was getting into... I didn't even know I had the capability of being like that, but I think my hormones are just completely out of whack. I hope I'll be normal again someday.
  • Negative Nancies. if more than 75% of your Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts, etc contain something that could be considered a "rant," go do something that makes you happy, because you've obviously got way too much time on your hands to sit around and bitch about everything. complaining about things and not making changes in your life make you worthless.
  • yes, I realize that this blog post is a "rant" but most of my posts here are happy ones and I feel that one negative post in a dozen of happy ones makes me human, not Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy.
  • People Pleasers. while yes, I think that if you have a blog that you want to be popular, it's important to reach out to your readers. but do not change yourself completely based on what's trendy in blogging right now. write about what YOU want to write about, and don't worry about what others think. you're never going to please everyone. if you aren't passionate about the things you write about, chances are, people will smell that from a mile away. if you really want to please people, just be yourself. :) 
  • The Word "Front" Used As A Verb. I shit you not, I've read or heard this at least 8 times in the past week and one instance was reading it regarding the analysis of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby on a discussion board for my English class. if you are not ghetto, please refrain from using the word "front" in any other way than describing the location of something, ie my fist in front of your face.
  • Over-Analyzers. stop worrying about what other people are doing/saying/thinking and stop trying to analyze WHY they're doing/saying/thinking these things. stop questioning it... people have their own opinions for a reason, and it's not so that you can speculate and judge them; get your own life.
  • Unsolicited Advice/Opinions. people who need to have an opinion about my husband and I trying to have a baby and subsequently feeling the need to question me about it, such as "are you sure you're ready for it? zomg they're such a big responsibility!" and "why do you have to 'try'? it's not hard! look at me, I got knocked up accidentally WHILE on birth control. TWICE! woops!" while that's awesome for you, it's not a really considerate thing to say. and a little birdie (aka everyone I've ever met in my life that actually has children) once told me that you're never truly ready for kids. but thanks for being concerned. 
  • Motherfuckin' ANTS. I keep my house clean and these sons of bitches still find a way in. they're in random places too, like my bathtub! obviously, the people who installed our tub didn't do such a great job caulking/grouting, so it looks like we'll be taking on yet another home improvement project. add it to the list. 
  • Mean Girls. I guess what I mean by this is, girls who hate other girls simply because they have a vagina. the whole "well I just get along better with dudes" act is probably not true. if you don't have girlfriends that you can trust, it's most likely because you're a bitch and untrustworthy. I mean sure, I get along with guys too, but that's because they aren't complex human beings like women and don't require much effort to maintain a friendship with.
  • Undeserving Pet Owners. think of having a pet as having a child. if you cannot afford to take care of a child (except that it's actually a lot CHEAPER than having an actual human), you should not have a pet. I understand that unexpected things happen and spontaneous trips to the vet definitely suck, but it comes with the territory as being a pet owner and it's something that is bound to happen. there's no such thing as a "free" puppy/kitten/iguana. also, if you keep your cat/dog/domesticated animal as an "outdoor" pet, only giving it attention when it suits your needs, just shoot yourself, but make sure to have a good home for your pet before you go. if there's one thing I will judge you on, it's how you treat your animals.

good day, sir. 


    1. High 5...I hear you on the negitivity-people need to appreciate more & complain less!

    2. I couldn't agree with you more about the pet owners. I recently found out that a girl I know has two dogs... Yeah, she also has a new baby and has been married for just over a year... Quick to breed, slow to think. Want to know where the puppies live?

      Outside. Tied to a post.

      Yup, can't have them bothering the baby, right?

      It makes me furious!!!

    3. I have been exactly the same on numerro uno, except exactly the other way around. Going back on birth control has made me equally wheepy, chocolate monstery, and most of all, bitchy. Don't let others put you down. You'll just stress more and who cares about them. Good luck in the baby making :)

    4. Love your list! Great job! and I totally agree!!

    5. I totally agree with the last one!!

    6. so very true on so many points -- primarily the people pleasers & mean girls. it's not hard to have girl friends if you're a good friend in the first place.

    7. I so hate those negative post on FB! Love this post! Go ahead girl! Feels good to get it out! Very cute blog!


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