Monday, April 25, 2011


bad easter pun, I know. 
before heading to the husband's parent's house for family dinner on Sunday, we stopped in at my dad's house to see my little brother. we got there right in time as they were getting ready to sit down and dye eggs. 

I made myself right at home and devoured 4 hard boiled eggs before anyone noticed they were gone. :)

here are some snippets from our morning!

of course, I didn't take any pictures at the in-law's house... but to be fair, there weren't any cute kids there either, haha. 


in other news, I am way behind in my school work. like, I have yet to turn in (or even complete, for that matter) a paper that was due two weeks ago on the theme of love & marriage in A Midsummer Night's Dream. ugh. 

I emailed my professor and she'll accept my work late, but the problem is that I have no idea on where to even start on such a vague topic. obviously there are a billion examples of love in the play. I'm skipping the gym tonight to get it completed, along with a discussion post that I missed last week. I really suck at life lately.


it's currently 85 degrees in my office. needless to say, I am sweating like a pig. I wanted the warm weather, but not before my cheapo boss (aka my dad) thinks it's an acceptable idea to turn on the AC.

Happy Monday!


  1. oh i remember making those eggs when i was little! so much fun!

  2. LOVE these pics Mandee! Your brother is so stinkin cute, he is gonna have a fanclub of girls.


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