Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a typical day, as of late

hear my alarm go off. 
drag myself out of bed. take temperature.
brush teeth & maybe wash my hair.  makeup.
pack my food for the day & make coffee. ahhh coffee.
go to work. work ALL MOTHERFUCKING DAY long.
eat my money saving, healthy, and delicious packed lunch. 
work some more. sign into Google Reader and attempt to read some blogs.
finally leave work.
work out with trainer or take spin class. 
(if not going to the gym, go straight home to cook dinner and clean up)
go home, exhausted.
cook/help cook dinner & clean up kitchen. 

awesome dinner, cooked by YOURS TRULY - full recipe post coming soon


chores around the house. 
homework/reading for class.

kitty cuddle time


shower. do not want to leave warmth of shower.
maybe watch TV or read before bed if I can keep my eyes open.
try to read as much as I can before my eyelids start getting heavier and heavier by the sentence. 
sleep. sleeeeeeeeep, sleep.

notice something missing?
my stupid busy life is not giving me much time for blogging lately.
I have some posts started that just need a little tweaking. 
as soon as I have time for a substantial post, you'll see it, I promise. 
ALSO, I miss you guys. 
I'll be back tomorrow, at least for Wee Bit Wednesdays

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Love this post, Mandee! We miss you too!

    I do all of my posts on Sunday and schedule them through the week. I have an entire piece of paper scribbled and jotted with blog post ideas that just come to me, but it will take me forever actually create them.


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