Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nestie GTG FTW

remember back when I posted that blog about all the fun stuff that was coming up during and after the holiday season? and remember how I was mucho excited about my very first Nestie GTG with Krystyna, who was visiting the DC/VA area to be with family during the holidays?

WELL, dear readers, you will be happy to know that my first get together with an internet stranger went amazingly well. it went about as awesome as possible... the only thing that would have made it better is if we could have stayed out longer. unfortunately, because we took the Metro in, we had to be on the train by midnight. 

we met for dinner at Gordon Biersch downtown and enjoyed a delicious meal, tasty beer, and each others' company. we talked about everything from books we've read to TV shows and school and where we've lived. I was a little nervous that it would be awkward, but it was far from it. Sean & Krystyna's husband, Andrew, talked about sports the whole time... mainly college football. I was relieved that they had something in common and had plenty to discuss. 

the obligatory ring shot - Krystyna on the left, mine on the right

dinner @ Gordon Biersch

drinks @ Clyde's

needless to say, I'm awaiting the day that Krystyna & Andrew visit the area again and can't wait for our next chance to hang out! 

also, neither of us brought our cameras, so all these pictures were taken with Sean's cell phone. please excuse the quality and the massive red eye. and if you know Sean in real life, tell him to stop bragging about his stupid 8 megapixel camera on his Droid. he thinks he's cool and frankly, it's getting out of hand.


  1. Jealous...not enough Nestie live close to me to gtg :(

  2. That is too fun!

    I have never been to a Nestie GTG. I did attend a NC Knottie GTG years ago - in 2006 - so long ago!

  3. So fun! You ladies are gorgeous!

  4. Love this! A little over a week until your 2nd Nestie GTG! And yes this calls for a....Squeee!


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